Stepping Into the Light: An Interview with Aimer


Aimer is on a roll. With her latest album, daydream, hitting second on the Oricon charts and engaging in collaborations with some of the top names in the Japanese music industry, Aimer is a young songstress to look out for. Having achieved so much in a year such as her first solo overseas performance in Taipei’s ATT Showbox, her sold out national hall tour and various music releases, there were many questions with regards to her collaborations, feelings as an artiste and someone who has recently stepped into the light. Find out more about what Aimer has to say about her career in 2016 so far!

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An Interview with Ami Wajima: An Upcoming, Young Anisong Talent!


Ami Wajima may be very young at the tender age of 17 years old and has just debuted this year with her debut single 幻想ドライブ (Illusion Drive). Do not let her young age fool you though! Wajima definitely packs a punch with her strong voice and rocker girl image – a contrast from most other artistes her age who usually take the idol path. Furthermore, she has already started performing in big name anisong festivals such as animax musix and P’s Live while boasting four overseas appearances in her career thus far. What does Ami Wajima have to say about her career as a teenaged artiste so far in the past year?

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