“Kimi no Na Wa” Themed Tours To Be Held in Japan

The smash anime movie, Your Name, also known as “Kimi No Na Wa” will officially have its own dedicated tour of the area that served as the inspiration for the town of Itomori from the animated movie, located in the Hida region of Gifu and Tokyo as seen from Taki’s perspective. The tour, organized by the Cool Japan Collaborative Demonstration Project, has received authorization from the Government of Japan, to hold this FREE tour for tourists to personally experience and enjoy the sights of Japan and gather feedback to facilitate better tourist transportation systems in the future. Continue reading

Mimi Usagi Cafe: A Fluffy Heaven Tucked in Ikebukuro

Japan is well-known for being the land of kawaii, be it in the sugary-punk style that Harajuku is famous for or iconic Japanese characters such as Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty. Animal cafes take it a step further by allowing customers to interact with the living embodiment of kawaii – fluffy creatures who crave your attention.

While cat cafes are the most famous offering from the realm of animal cafes, what with it being exported overseas, Japan is also home to owl cafes, hedgehog cafes, bird cafes and the subject of today’s aticle: rabbit cafes. Mimi Usagi Cafe, located in Ikebukuro, will be the subject of this introduction to rabbit cafes.

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Nadeshiko Hotel: A Capsule Hotel for Ladies in Shibuya

The capsule hotel is undeniably one of the most interesting features of Japanese life. While some may deem the experience in staying in one of them as ‘claustrophobic’, some others may say that it provides an interesting insight into the night lives of Japanese locals. It is also usually seen as a form of accommodation that caters largely to salarymen who missed the last train and need a place to stay the night. The Nadeshiko Hotel over at Shibuya, a district in Tokyo famed for its shopping and nightlife, is one of the few capsule hotels that caters solely to females.

Our reporter decided to stay at the Nadeshiko Hotel for a night before moving to her dormitory over at Nerima. What are her thoughts on her maiden capsule hotel experience?
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