Ten Voice Actors Whose Music You Should Listen To

Fans of anime would certainly be familiar with the term ‘seiyuu‘ (声優), or ‘voice actor‘ in Japanese. Voice actors have been a prominent presence in the Japanese entertainment scene for as far back as since the 1960s and many actors and singers have, in fact, learnt the ropes of the industry from a career in voice acting, eventually earning their stripes as an established artiste. To some extent, it is considered a sign of prestige to attain great success as a seiyuu, and many seiyuus today have an illustrious history of prior stage experience, with some even graduating from institutions specifically set up to train aspiring voice actors.

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Review: Kenichi Suzumura’s “Shiroi Karasu” Single

J-Network team has recently covered various concert appearances and events by this very prolific seiyuu-singer, Suzumura Kenichi, ranging from his stunning performance at Lantis Festival 2015 to his full-length two-day Manten Live concert in Japan. Suzumura has also just concluded his last day of AD-LIVE 2015 yesterday on Sunday, 18th October, in Osaka with fellow seiyuus Fukuyama Jun and Shimono Hiro. His latest single “Tsuki to Taiyou no Uta” (Song of the Sun and the Moon) released earlier this year in May signals that his music career is only going to get more exciting moving forward from now!

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Review: Cheerz On your fave idols!

Cover of Cheerz Book Vol 1

Cover of Cheerz Book Vol 1 featuring Mai Kotone (Source: Tokyo Girls Update)

Around a week ago, the first physical product of the Cheerz app, Cheerz Book Vol 1: Birth went on sale, online on Amazon and in various convenience stores and bookstores across Japan. The attainment of this first major milestone in the app might perhaps be a good time for me to review this little new innovation in how us wota (short for Otaku), can affect the modelling and social media sides to our favorite idols.

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