Three Hours of the Best Anisong Hits! Report on Anisong Fantasy Live 2017 Vol. 1 in Singapore (Part 1)

If you’re into Japanese pop culture and entertainment, the annual Anime Festival Asia (AFA) convention was probably the single biggest event to keep your eyes on. Just last year, over 90,000 people attended the Singapore stop of the convention alone, bringing the total count of attendees to well over a million in its eighth year.

The key word: was. There are now at least two big events to look out for.

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Japan Airlines Commercial Video Features Aimer’s New Song “March of Time”!

Japan’s national air carriers are renowned internationally for their high standards of service, and in many ways are synonymous with Japanese hospitality and culture. What better way for Japan Airlines, the country’s flag carrier and second largest airline, to promote its flights than to use one of Japan’s most outstanding singer-songwriters in their video?

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