Experience a Rock Music Knockout Like None Other with SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN!

Thursdays usually feel like just another weekday with nothing much to get excited about, right? Not so for 16th March 2017. A sizeable line waited eagerly outside MILLIAN Singapore, where a wide range of concert-goers can be spotted – there were many loyal fans who have attended their favourite bands’ previous concerts before, and the more enthusiastic ones amongst them went around engaging other fans and getting them to pen their signatures and well-wishes on the banners prepared for each band.

In fact, it became evident shortly that Japanese rock acts were able to draw broad support from across each band, and even from the followings of international rock acts as well – there were fans wearing concert t-shirts from bands such as MAN WITH A MISSION, ONE OK ROCK, and even Green Day! What can we expect from a concert like this one which brought together four very exciting and distinctive high-powered rock bands from Japan to perform on the same night?

Soon, the doors to the venue opened, and the excited fans got ready to enter the live-house, anticipating the entrance of their favourite rock bands. There was no hint of who would come onboard first; at least, not until our reporters noticed a familiar-looking plushie resting on the speaker.


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SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN’s line-up showers its fans with inspiration!

If you haven’t caught up on it, SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017 will be premiering its first Singapore concert at Millian Singapore on 16th March 2017. Tickets are still available at Sistic and Peatix.

That aside, J-Network is proud to present interviews with each one of the bands that are coming to Singapore: THE ORAL CIGARETTES, Frederic, Kyuso Nekokami and 04 Limited SazabysContinue reading

We’ve Loved Them Since The Beginning – An Interview with CHiCO with HoneyWorks!

Riding on the roaring wave of success that is the release of the movie adaptations of their Love Confession Committee series; Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita and Ima Suki ni Naru, CHiCO with HoneyWorks returned to sunny Singapore again this year for Anime Festival Asia 2016! While their main illustrator Yamako was unfortunately absent this year, the team of singers CHiCO and Sana with composers Gom and Shito provided their share of down-to-earth charm during the interview.

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Bringing Music and Characters Alive! An Interview with Minori Chihara

In today’s Japanese entertainment industry, juggling both a voice acting and music career no longer raises eyebrows as it used to. Being successful at both, however, remains more challenging than ever. Only a handful of artistes manage to stand out amongst the rest for their extraordinary talent both as a popular and critically-acclaimed seiyuu, and as a prolific musician and live performer. Continue reading