About Us


J-Network is a media organization established in 2015 by co-founders Muhd. Shahlehin & Calvin Chen, with the idea of giving a platform of opportunities for our writers and authors to showcase their reporting skills while building up their media communication skills.

Our writers and authors will use this website as a platform for them – not only to experience real-life reporting situations and experience interviews – but to experience the media industry first-hand.

J-Network focuses on Japanese-medium entertainment and culture related events, Japanese celebrities, dramas, anime and games.

If you would like to provide news tips or future events in Singapore you would like us to cover, please feel free to contact us at pr@jnetworkonline.com

If you are interested in joining the team, do contact us at management@jnetworkonline.com

Message from Co-Founders:

Year 2015: The Year of Opportunities

“This idea was established to give our talented writers the chance to experience the media industry first hand. The backhand of this idea started when we experienced the office workforce industry as part of our internships last year. As a wise guy once told us: “There is always an opportunity for all.” We believe in this message as we are reminded about how we were given the opportunity to have first-hand experience on improving our skills in the workforce within the year. We believe that learning through first-hand experience is more efficient than theory, from our experiences during school life.

Thus this year (2015), we decided to establish a media website, with the focus on creating opportunities for all our writers and reporters and let them experience the media world first-hand, just as what we experienced. We have full belief and faith in the potential our writers have to bring you the exclusive news and reports from events related to the Japanese culture.”
Muhd Shahlehin and Calvin Chen

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