Weather Woes Lead to Cancellation of AKB48’s 49th Single’s Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Earlier today, AKS has announced that “AKB48’s 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo” has been cancelled due to the weather forecast for tomorrow’s major event. The “Senbatsu Sousenkyo” is an elections event where AKB48 fans will be voting for their main lead or “center position” for their 49th single.
At 5am this morning, the weather forecast released by the Meterological Agency stated that the weather of Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa Prefecture where the elections will be held, have a rain probability of 80% with chances of lightning. As the event will be held in an outdoor environment, AKS has decided to cancel the event for the safety of their customers as safety is of their utmost priority.

This is not the first time a cancellation of an outdoor event was made. Previously, AKS made the same decision in cancelling the graduation concert of one of AKB48’s biggest stars, Yuko Ooshima, due to bad weather conditions.


Last year’s election winner, Rino Sashihara became the first ever member to win back-to-back elections and became center for AKB48’s 45th Single

The tickets for the election announcement event as well as the concert will be refunded in full, including those who have applied for the JTB Official Tour. For fans who have opted to view the concert at the respective group theatres, they will receive 98 out of 100 rights. In addition, free public viewing of the theatres will be held as well in the form of a lottery.

AKS is currently in discussion with their relevant parties to a possible re-schedule of the event in Okinawa, with further updates yet to be announced.
Source: AKB48 Official Website (

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