Japan Airlines Commercial Video Features Aimer’s New Song “March of Time”!

Japan’s national air carriers are renowned internationally for their high standards of service, and in many ways are synonymous with Japanese hospitality and culture. What better way for Japan Airlines, the country’s flag carrier and second largest airline, to promote its flights than to use one of Japan’s most outstanding singer-songwriters in their video?

Enter Aimer.

Our reporters at J-Network had the opportunity to interview her in both the 2015 and 2016 installations of the annual Anime Festival Asia in Singapore, and the youthful anisong artiste celebrated her 5th anniversary in the music industry with multiple high-powered collaborations with other big acts in Japan, ranging from chelly from EGOIST to Taka from ONE OK ROCK and TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. Don’t miss her performance at the upcoming Anisong Fantasy Live either – we’re definitely looking forward to it and we believe many of you are, too!

This is Japan Airlines‘ latest commercial video.

With a playful take on the title, the carrier decided to usher in the month of March to their viewers around the world with Aimer‘s “March of Time“, the newly-recorded song to be released as part of blanc, one of two upcoming releases launched in conjunction with her “Best Of” collection!

We recommend taking that to a new level: readers, if your budget permits, don’t miss this chance to purchase your flight tickets with Japan Airlines to watch the upcoming Aimer Live in Budokan: blanc et noir concert this August 29th!


Video taken from Japan Airlines’ official YouTube channel.

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