Aimer to Release Best of Collection This May!

After the resounding success of her latest album, daydream and five years in the music industry, the celestial songstress Aimer is set to release her Best of album in May this year!

The Best of collection will be released as two different CDs, titled BEST SELECTION ‘blanc’ and BEST SELECTION ‘noir’ – a reflection of the name of her official fanclub, Blanc et Noir. Each CD will be released in three different editions as well: Limited Edition A will come with the music CD and Blu-ray disc, while Limited Edition B will come with the music CD and DVD. The regular edition will come with just the music CD.

From left to right: The covers for BEST COLLECTION ‘blanc’ Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and Regular Edition. 

The video content for the individual Blu-ray and DVD editions will be identical to the different limited editions, judging from the tracklists for the editions provided on Aimer’s official website. Said video content would be composed of music clips and selected performances from Aimer’s performances at Tokyo International Forum Hall A from 6 November 2016 as part of her Aimer Hall Tour 2016.

From left to right: noir’s Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition

The Best of collection will be released on 3 May 2017. Based on information from Aimer’s website, the songs are organised and arranged in such a way that there will be a theme to both blanc and noir. The former will contain heartfelt ballads and hits such as Akane Sasu and bouncier songs like Kataomoi while the latter will have more powerful songs such as LAST STARDUST and insane dreamFurthermore, each part of the collection will come with a newly recorded song!

Can’t wait for blanc and noir already? Do look forward to Aimer’s appearances over at Anisong Fantasy Live in Hong Kong and Singapore this coming March!

SOURCE: Aimer’s Official Website

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