“Kimi no Na Wa” Themed Tours To Be Held in Japan

The smash anime movie, Your Name, also known as “Kimi No Na Wa” will officially have its own dedicated tour of the area that served as the inspiration for the town of Itomori from the animated movie, located in the Hida region of Gifu and Tokyo as seen from Taki’s perspective. The tour, organized by the Cool Japan Collaborative Demonstration Project, has received authorization from the Government of Japan, to hold this FREE tour for tourists to personally experience and enjoy the sights of Japan and gather feedback to facilitate better tourist transportation systems in the future.


(Top) A scene from the movie, a replica of the actual train station (Bottom)

The free tour will last for 5 to 6 days between 1st March 2017 and 30th April 2017, depending on the departure location), and a maximum of 5 people will be selected by random per tour. There are currently a total of 8 planned timetables to choose from:

  • March 7-11
  • March 14-18
  • March 21-25
  • March 28- April 1
  • April 4-8
  • April 11-15
  • April 17-21
  • April 25-29

The free tour will include costs for transportation, accommodations and meals, which means that all necessary preparations for the visit are completely in control, which is beneficial for tourists, as the only worry they will have is their shopping budget and transportation to and out of Japan.


The application for the tour is open until 28th February 2017. To find out more on the tour, please visit http://animetourism.lab-kadokawa.com/


Source: Official Website for the Kimi No Na Wa Official Tour

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