Halal food to be provided for Muslims at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

In light of the Tokyo Olympic Games as well as the Paralympic Games happening in the next three years, the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, has announced that Halal food should be provided in order to allow Muslims to visit Tokyo in peace in light with the upcoming major events.

Governor Koike visited the 17 ambassadors of the Arab Countries in a conference at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on 17 January to discuss the proficiency of providing Halal food to Muslims visiting Tokyo.

In the conference, Governor Koike mentioned that strong relations with the Arab countries are important in order to succeed in the events for the next three years to come. In addition, the ambassadors agreed to cooperate by incorporating elements Japanese education and urban development in the Arab countries and holding events to promote world heritage.


Halal ramen shop “Naritaya” in Asakusa is popular amongst Muslim tourists.

In Tokyo, there are several halal food places you can visit, and Muslims around the world can be rest assured that there will be plenty more to offer in years to come as we draw closer to the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

Do check out our article that introduces 5 Halal places for Muslims to try out in Ikebukuro!


Source: NHK News           Picture Source: Fun Japan

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