Lantis reveals preview tracks for Kenichi Suzumura’s NAKED MAN mini-album

In November 2016, seiyuu-singer Kenichi Suzumura gave an announcement that gave his fans something to look forward to in 2017 – the release of a new mini-album! With just less than two weeks away to the release of the new mini-album, record label Lantis has released a digest video of all five tracks onto their official Youtube page!

Suzumura’s second mini-album, NAKED MAN, will go on sale on 25 January 2017 and will be followed by a national tour of the same name. Aside from the mini-album digest, the tracklist and jacket art has also been released and are as follows:

2. sleepy monsters
3. Life is like it
4. 夕暮れタイムトラベル (Yuugure Time Travel/Twilight Time Travel)
5. home sweet home

Suzumura was in charge of writing all the lyrics, as per his previous works as a solo artiste. From the preview given, it seems like fans will be in for a treat with five distinct songs with their own unique character!

With this being Suzumura’s 10th anniversary year as a solo artiste as well, fans can definitely look forward to more musical activities from this veteran seiyuu-singer!

Photos and videos © Lantis

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