Nogizaka46 wraps up 2016 in majestic fashion!

Christmas came early for Nogizaka46 fans, with a breath-taking live to end a spectacular 2016. A sold-out crowd at Nippon Budokan was expected for this top idol group who co-dominated the 2016’s Oricon Chart single rankings alongside AKB48!

We had the wonderful opportunity to fly to Japan to witness this first hand, and only one word could describe this experience: Majestic! From the OVERTURE to the encore, fans were ecstatic, and the members of Nogizaka46 performed with their all, combined into a synchronised harmony that is out of this world!


At certain parts of the concert, fans became united as one with synchronised colour lightsticks, as well as fan chants in the performances. From our point of view, the level of unity between the fans as well as the members were almost indescribable as we have seen nothing like this in any of the concerts in Singapore so far!


In addition to the song performances, MCs also played a major role, with the return of the live imagination performance, famously known as “Mousou Request” to Nogizaka46 fans. In this segment, Hori Miona became the winner after her mousou request of bringing her ideal guy to Finland, which met with much cheers from the fans at every corner of Budokan.


The show lasted about 2.5 hours with a total of 30 songs, including 4 songs mixed into an EDM Mix as well as 3 songs in the encore to conclude the end of the concert.


  1. Ima Hanashitai Dareka Ga Iru
  2. Nandome No Aozora Ga
  3. Oide Shampoo
  4. Girl’s Rule
  5. Kodoku na Aozora
  6. Arakajime Katarareru Romance
  7. Kairyuu No Shimayo
  8. Ikuate no Nai Bokutachi
  9. Yokubo no Reincarnation
  10. Mukuchi na Lion
  11. Hakumai Sama
  12. Dekopin
  13. Koko ni Iru Riyuu
  14. Gomen Ne Zutto…
  15. Hito wa Naze Hashiru no ka?
  16. Ano Kyoushitsu
  17. Yasashisa to wa
  18. Watashi no Tame ni, Dareka no Tame ni
  19. Shakiism
    Taiyou Knock
    Hadashi de Summer (The 4 songs were played in an EDM Mix)
  20. Kimi No Na Wa Kibou
  21. Barette
  22. Inochi Wa Utsukushii
  23. Hashire! Bicycle
  24. Sayonara No Imi


  1. Romance No Start
  2. House!
  3. Nogizaka No Uta


Nogizaka46 will hold a graduation concert for one of their main members, Hashimoto Nanami, which will be held on her birthday, 20th February, in conjunction with the group’s “5th Birthday Live” held at Saitama Super Arena between the 20th to 22nd February 2017.

Reported by Kwek Jun Wei & Muhd Shahlehin


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