MAN WITH A MISSION Launches Special Page for “Dead End in Tokyo” In Preparation for 2017

What do wolves do two days before the new year? That’s right – they hunt for new opportunities to pounce on!

Japan’s favourite pack of wolves have created a special page to announce updates for their next single, “Dead End in Tokyo“, which was first unveiled in early November to be the theme song for a hit Japanese film. This film is none other than “Shinjuku Swan II“, the sequel to the highly successful Shinjuku Swan blockbuster movie based off a manga series of the same name. Details about the new single can be found on the band’s YouTube channel in an announcement video below:

The new single will be co-written and produced in collaboration with the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, pianist and composer for American rock band Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump. MAN WITH A MISSION has commented on their official announcement last month that “it is not an exaggeration to say that this is the biggest shock in our history“, and to coincide with the release, the band will be embarking on a seven-stop tour – “Dead End in Tokyo TOUR 2017” – from the 6th of March to the 1st of April.

Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy will be co-producing and writing “Dead End in Tokyo” with MAN WITH A MISSION, in what the band described as a highly unexpected event for them.

Can we expect to see more information progressively revealed on this “special page”? Stay tuned for more!

Information taken from official website

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