“All aboard!” the Japan Rail Café for a one-of-a-kind experience

Ever wanted to go to Japan, but have no idea what to expect? Well, a visit to Japan Rail Cafe may just have the right amount of cultural experience and organising resources that you would need to get started on planning your long-awaited trip to Japan


The Café is split into 2 portions, retail and dining.

The retail area sells a variety of merchandise, from snacks and cooking ingredients, to clothes and bags, all imported from Japan itself.

In addition, you can purchase rail tickets to various regions from the rail pass counter and even organise your trip to Japan with suggestions from their staff. There are also various events and seminars organised here. Feel free to check their Facebook page for more details.

The dining area has home décor, with wooden furniture and banners based on the region of the month (Tohoku 東北 until 6th Jan 2017). It indeed feels almost as though you are in a cafe in Tokyo. Instead of a classic menu, you would find a newspaper, featuring food places, tourist hotspots and special foods and drinks famous to the region. Besides the regional specialties that change constantly, there is a main menu that stays true to Japanese styled café food.

F&B recommendations

Ultimate A.B.C Burger 


Ultimate ABC Burger

Nothing fills the tummy like a good burger, and the café’s best has a little bit of everything. The thick beef patty was juicy and cooked to a medium perfection, complemented with mild cheese, glazed bacon and fresh vegetables, including avocado, tomato and lettuce. Truly deserving of the title “King of Burgers”, each mouthful was delightful.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich 


Crispy Chicken Sandwich

For the more light-hearted, yet still plentiful palates, the crispy chicken sandwich is the next best thing. The chicken cutlet is seasoned well and deep-fried to perfection without losing its juices. Like the burger, it is complemented with fresh vegetables and a mix of mayonnaise and Namban sauce, bringing a very light, yet sensational flavour to the sandwich.

Both dishes were accompanied by a salad with light sesame dressing and various fresh, crunchy vegetables, and French fries were fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Drinks: Uji-Maccha Latte and Café Au Lait



Uji tea, otherwise known as “green tea”, is an all-time favourite of the Japanese, and has found it’s way into the menu in the form of a latte. The drink was rich, yet retained the traditional taste, similar to the coffee in Café Au Lait, which had a rich taste of milk before the roasted coffee beans.

In short,  Japan Rail Cafe is definitely a place to check out if you want to soak in the atmosphere of an authentic Japanese cafe and happen to be planning a trip to Japan as well. With travel advice, great food, regional specialties and a bakery all under one roof, this is one cafe worth travelling to.

~gamerisdc, Astrid

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