PPAP Is Now A Full Length Album?! Piko-Taro Releases First Album With 20 Songs

It began as just a comical-looking, catchy-sounding music video.

Soon the 45-second PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) video took the world by storm, and by October its creator Piko-Taro had released the track as a single which topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 charts despite costing just 100,000 yen (US$ 868.81) to produce.

Piko-Taro is but one of the many names that comedian Daimaou Kosaka, whose real name is Kazuhito Kosaka, goes by. He hails from the Aomori Prefecture in Japan, which – not coincidentally – is known for its apples. The 1973-born performer has long set his sights on both comedy and music, and this hit track brought more than just fruits and stationery together: it brought Kosaka‘s music ambitions closer to him.

Following that, Piko-Taro has continued to release more material to correspond with the emerging viral phenomenon, with a tutorial video, a “long version“, and even a collaboration with Sesame Street Japan‘s Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Now, PPAP is no longer just one very well-known song.

Last week, Piko-Taro released his first ever full-length album of the same title, “PPAP“, on the 7th December 2016. The album comprises 20 songs, with existing discography and new tracks alike, and is the perfect opportunity for listeners to get to know more of Piko-Taro‘s works outside of PPAP.

Readers may want to check out Piko-Taro‘s official YouTube channel, where they can listen to his other tracks include NEO SUNGLASSES and KASHITE KUDASAIYO (literally meaning “PLEASE LET ME BORROW THEM”). Along with a Piko-Taro’s Theme, these are amongst some of the songs to be featured in this album.

The album is available in both CD-only and CD+DVD editions. The CD will comprise the full 20 songs, which can be viewed here, as well as five karaoke tracks, whereas the DVD will have the music videos for all 20 songs, with supplementary material such as “how to” videos for some of his songs.

You can now dress up like Piko-Taro too! The performer’s signature moustache and costume apron (children and adult sizes) are available as limited edition tokuten (special privileges) for early purchases! These items are all on a first-come-first-serve basis, so don’t miss out on them while stocks last!

Sources: Japan Times, Rocket News, Avex

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