Minori Chihara to go on National Tour in Spring 2017!

Prolific seiyuu-singer Minori Chihara has already generated much excitement for her many fans around the world, especially in Singapore: she has already arrived in Singapore in time for her appearance for the much-anticipated I Love Anisong concert on 26th November, 2016 tomorrow!

Enjoy her music, or eager to watch her perform live in a solo concert setting? Then don’t miss the following dates in April and May next year if you happen to be in Japan at that time – record label Lantis has announced that Chihara will be having her Live Tour 2017 ~Take The Offensive~ across four cities in Japan. Chihara, whose fans affectionately nickname “Minorin“, is well-known for her many live performances during the course of her illustrious music career, holding on average a live tour and one or two more live concerts per year since her inaugural birthday live in 2007 and first live tour in 2008.

Minori Chihara will be performing at the following live house venues next year:

16th April 2017 (Sunday) – Zepp Sapporo
29th April 2017 (Saturday) and 30th April 2017 (Sunday) – Zepp Osaka Bayside
5th May 2017 (Friday) – Zepp Tokyo DiverCity
26th May 2017 (Friday) and 27th May 2017 (Saturday) – Zepp Nagoya

In addition, the Blu-ray version for her Live Tour 2016 ~Innocent Age~ will be released next month on the 14th of December 2016 and Lantis has released a preview video for it on their Facebook page:


Don’t miss your chance to catch Minori Chihara perform in her live tour next spring in Japan! Additionally, readers in Singapore can drop by the Anime Festival Asia 2016 to pick up their tickets for the I Love Anisong concert tomorrow.


Information taken from Lantis

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