Anisong Fantasy Live Vol. 1’s Line-Up Unveiled!

The long awaited details for Anisong Fantasy Live Vol. One 2017 have been unveiled! The line-up brings back regulars from Anime Festival Asia’s I Love Anisong concert series as well as a very anticipated, long-awaited name!

The Singapore leg for Anisong Fantasy Live Vol. One 2017 will be held at Megabox Event Hall@Bigbox in the western part of Singapore on 18 March 2017, Saturday. The performing artistes for the event definitely fit the noun ‘fantasy’ with their dreamy vocals and surreal musical styles. In no particular order, the artistes are:


The rising songbird, Aimer, will be back to deliver her wonderful performances! Having concluded her solo live, like a daydream in Taipei, Aimer has also been busy with various collaborations involving prominent names in the Japanese music industry such as RADWIMPS of Kimi no Na wa fame and taka from ONE OK ROCK. She has also provided opening and ending theme songs to various anime series such as Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] and most recently, Natsume Yuujinchou. Expect a haunting performance from Aimer as she belts out some of her greatest hits!

J-Network’s Recommendations: 

ninelie  (Also a collaboration with EGOIST’s chelly)


The iconic trio of vocalist comprising of Hikaru, Wakana and Keiko will make their return to Singapore after their first appearance in I Love Anisong’s 2011 rendition! Renowned for their dark timbre, Kalafina has performed the theme songs to hit anime and movie series such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Kara no Kyoukai. Do keep a look out for their upcoming acoustic album: Kalafina ~with strings~ that will be coming out soon! The group has also performed solo concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Be enchanted by their wonderful synchronization and haunting harmonies!

J-Network’s Recommendations:
Seventh Heaven
Magia (quattro)
Kimi no Gin no Niwa 


Known for their futuristic and experimental visuals, GARNiDELiA is set to return to Singapore for Anisong Fantasy Live! The duo has been busy this year with an overseas concert in Hong Kong with Sako Tomohisa and an interesting collaboration with Claris for Qualidea Code. The group is no stranger to anime theme songs, having performed for Kill la Kill and Gundam G Reconguista in G among many others. Be prepared to be enchanted by MARiA’s deep vocals and original costume designs and toku’s exciting arrangements!

J-Network’s Recommendations:

Alisa Takigawa

Alisa Takigawa is one emerging musician to look out for: the 25-year old began her music career just last year, but already has five singles to her name and her first album was released earlier this month! Known for her gentle, deep vocals, Takigawa composes, arranges, and writes the lyrics to her songs, and to top it off she plays the guitar too; she easily stands heads and shoulders above many in her musical talent, and her works feature a distinctive identity of her own. Come and watch this upcoming singer-songwriter in action!

J-Network’s Recommendations:



Hailing from Kanagawa, ELISA’s music can just as easily be said to have the same stunning qualities as her appearance – her work spans both pop and progressive rock genres, with many of her songs featuring as theme songs for popular anime series such as A Certain Scientific Railgun and 91 Days. ELISA’s commitment to her music is boundless: despite having to take a hiatus, she made a comeback in 2013 and continues to be active in the music scene, even performing in Seattle in 2014 for Sakura-Con.

J-Network’s Recommendations:
Rain or Shine
Real Force

Luna Haruna

Luna Haruna is well-known both as a singer and a lolita fashion model, and many of her songs feature in prominent anime series – her debut single “Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau” was the ending theme for the second season of Fate/Zero, and since then she has released nine singles, two albums and a mini-album. Her latest single, Windia, was just out last month and is used as the opening theme for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. Haruna draws a large following across the world and outside of Japan, she has performed in Asia, Europe and America before.

J-Network’s Recommendations:

The line-up for Anisong Fantasy Live Vol. One is indeed very promising! We are looking forward to witnessing this new Anisong concert series! Pre-sales will be held during Anime Festival Asia at the Anisong Fantasy Live booth. Online sales will start on 28th November, 10am at APACTix. 

SOURCE: Anisong Fantasy Live Official Website

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