What To Expect From GRANRODEO In 2017

2016 hasn’t even ended yet, but fans of GRANRODEO already have much to look forward to in the following year. Earlier today, Japan’s acclaimed rock duo revealed the first hints regarding what plans it has up its sleeves for 2017, and the details we have so far are shaping up to be nothing short of exciting!

As of now, fans can expect a new album and live tour in the works. The band, comprising vocalist Taniyama Kishou (“Kishow”) and guitarist Masaaki Iizuka (“e-Zuka“), will be releasing their 7th album, titled Pierrot Dancin’, on the 8th of February 2017.

Record label Lantis has hinted in a 30-second teaser trailer video on their YouTube channel that this album will comprise of new tracks as well as tracks from the past four singles – Punky Funky Love, Memories (メモリーズ), TRASH CANDY, and Shounen no Hate (少年の果て) – the last of which was just released today. These singles have been well-received both commercially and critically, placing above the top 10 spots on the Oricon charts which has also seen GRANRODEO‘s past two albums hit 3rd place – a clear sign of how far the band has come since their formation in 2005.


The album will have two editions: the CD-only release is priced at 3,000 yen, while the CD+DVD release will sell at 3,500 yen and comprise the music video for the lead song of the new album as well as live footage from GRANRODEO‘s TREASURE CANDY live tour held earlier this year, specifically from their 13th August 2016 performance at Hibiya Outdoor Theatre. The footage will feature the following ten songs:

Lovers High

The first press edition of the album will also contain a serial number that grants priority access to the ticket lottery for GRANRODEO‘s upcoming Live Tour 2017. The tour will span across a duration of three months which will see GRANRODEO perform at seven stops, with two days per stop:

20th May (Sat) and 21st May (Sun) – Zepp SapporoZepp Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture
9th June (Fri) and 10th June (Sat) – Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture
17th June (Sat) and 18th June (Sun) – DRUM LOGOS, Fukuoka Prefecture
24th June (Sat) and 25th June (Sun) – BLUE LIVE HIROSHIMA, Hiroshima Prefecture
1st July (Sat) and 2nd July (Sun) – Sendai PIT, Miyagi Prefecture
8th July (Sat) and 9th July (Sun) – Zepp Osaka Bayside, Osaka Prefecture
16th July (Sun) and 17th July (Mon) – Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya Prefecture


Looking forward to purchasing your copy of Pierrot Dancin’, or catching a rocking performance from Kishow and e-Zuka first-hand at a live concert setting? Don’t forget to mark the dates above on your calendars!

Information taken from official websites of GRANRODEO and Lantis

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