AFA Announces Mystery “Anisong Fantasy Live 2017” Event in Singapore and Hong Kong

Earlier today, fans watched with excitement as the widely-attended Anime Festival Asia (AFA) convention’s official Facebook page made an unexpected announcement that left many in suspense!

Anime Festival Asia has been a prominent fixture of the Japanese pop culture scene since 2008, with annual conventions held in cities such as Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok and even Kuala Lumpur on one occasion. Part of the fun that comes with attending an AFA convention is in the I Love Anisong (ILA) concert feature, which allows fans to catch their favourite artistes live. The series of concerts held during each night of the AFA conventions has seen major names in anisong, ranging from Nana Mizuki and T.M. Revolution to fripSide and BABYMETAL, perform in various countries before to crowds of enthusiastic event-goers. In fact, readers can check out the lineup for this year’s installation of I Love Anisong here.

Come 2017, the I Love Anisong concert may not be the only anisong-themed concert in Singapore (aside from those by solo artistes).

According to the announcement, there will be a new event titled Anisong Fantasy Live (AFL), that will be making its debut in Hong Kong and Singapore, and the artist lineup for a “Volume 1” next year will be revealed on Friday night (25 November 2016) during the I Love Anisong concert for AFA Singapore 2016, which will also feature an Anisong Fantasy Live booth.

What could be in store for Anisong Fantasy Live? Find out more at AFA SG 2016 next week!


Information taken from AFA’s official Facebook page.

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