Details For Mamoru Miyano’s Solo Concert in Taiwan Have Finally Been Revealed!

Just yesterday, prolific seiyuu-singer Mamoru Miyano‘s 15th and 16th singles have been released to the excitement of his many fans. But what perhaps generated even more visible excitement and anticipation was the latest announcement posted this morning on the Facebook page Mamoru Miyano Live in Taiwan.

Yes, fans, the wait is finally over – four months after Mamoru Miyano had revealed to fans back in June that he will be having his first overseas solo concert in Taiwan, an update has been posted on the 1983-born artiste’s official website containing the details for the much-awaited concert.


The date to mark? 19th November, 2016, when ticket sales will be opened to the public at noon on FamiPort and FamiTicket. Miyano‘s live concert will be held at the ATT SHOW BOX in Taipei (depicted above), which will be used as an all-standing venue, and for NTD$2,800 per ticket, you can catch this talented performer first-hand for two days next year in February 2017!

The concert will take place on the 11th of February (Saturday) and the 12th of February (Sunday). On the first day, the venue will open at 5pm, with the concert commencing an hour later at 6pm, while the second day of Miyano‘s live will see the venue opening at 4pm instead and the concert beginning at 5pm.

The energetic Mamoru Miyano has put up a 54-second video to welcome his fans in Taiwan, where he attempted to greet them in Chinese. The video has generated a lot of interest with his fans in other countries even requesting for him to perform in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore! With next year marking Miyano‘s 10th anniversary since his solo debut as a singer, what can we expect to see in 2017? Stay tuned for more.

Sources: Mamoru Miyano’s official website and Mamoru Miyano Live in Taiwan Facebook page

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