OLDCODEX’s Yorke to Release Second Volume of “WHY I PAINT” Art-book!

Rock band OLDCODEX has recently seen a surge in popularity amongst fans, especially with their lead vocalist Suzuki Tatsuhisa singing the theme songs to numerous popular anime series, such as Free!, God Eater and Kuroko no Basuke. But what stands out more about the band is their distinctive style that combines their signature punk rock sound with a unique visual element quite unlike the visuals found in visual kei bands. 

Enter Yorke, the lyricist-cum-painter of OLDCODEX.

Yorke‘s talent and fame as an artist extends beyond his current role: as stated in his official website, My Name is Yorke, he taught himself how to paint and craft as a child and has since collaborated with many prominent acts in the music industry in Japan, South Korea and even the United States to offer his artworks, holding a solo exhibition in 2004. Prior to OLDCODEX, Yorke was also a live painter and stage performer in the visual-kei band KAVKI BOIZ, and he even organizes art workshops for children outside of his painting and music career!

Earlier this year, Yorke has released the first volume of his personal art book titled “WHY I PAINT“, and fans will be pleased to know that a second volume is in the works and will be ready for order from the 1st to 30th of November, 2016! The art book is planned to be released and shipped next year in late February 2017, and much like the previous installation, will comprise of 20cm by 20cm pages in a picture-book form. The paintings featured in both volumes were adapted from twelve selected songs each from their discography.


Don’t miss out on the second volume of Yorke‘s “WHY I PAINT” this winter!

Update: Our reporters have received news that Yorke had encountered an accident while performing on stage at the band’s Yamaguchi stop for their FIXED ENGINE tour yesterday and had to be sent to hospital after falling off the stage and fainting. He has since regained consciousness and is currently recuperating. We at J-Network extend our wishes for his speedy recovery.

Source: OLDCODEX‘s official website, OkMusic

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