Pokemon Generations Trailer Breakdown & Anaylsis !

With the upcoming release of the newest installation of the Pokemon game series, Sun and Moon, a movie entitled “Great Detective Pikachu” and the staggering success of mobile game Pokemon GO, 2016 seems to be a great year for the 2 decades old Pokemon franchise.

To end off a successful year, 2 more new Pokemon projects have been revealed to the great delight of many Pokemon fans from around the world. These 2 new projects are the  TV anime for Pokemon Sun and Moon starring series protagonist Satoshi (Ash Ketchum for Western viewers) and a Pokemon Generations YouTube webseries, which is the project this article will be focusing on!

Pokemon Generations will be aired on the official Pokemon YouTube channel starting from 16 September (as of this time of publishing, two episodes have already been released!) and seems to focus on the lore and events that happened in each generation of the main series Pokemon games ranging from Kanto (Red, Blue, Yellow) to Kalos. (X and Y) This webseries will consist of 18 3-5 minutes episodes and the trailer can be watched below :

The trailer follows titular character Red, the player character from the Kanto games, on his journey from Kanto to Kalos and it seems to be a follow up of the Pokemon Origins specials which aired on TV three years ago. The trailer starts with a bird’s eye view of (presumably) the Giant Chasm in the Unova region or the Terminus Cave in Kalos before switching to a high angle shot of the Kanto Elite 4 showing who seem to be (in order) Agatha, – the Ghost-type specialist –  Lance, the Dragon-type expert – and Lorelei, the Ice-type master. Their colleague Bruno who uses Fighting-type Pokemon did not seem to be shown.

Next, we see 2 scenes containing legendary Pokemon, with the Three Legendary Beasts Entei, Raikou, Suicune perched on top of the Burned Tower from Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal and Red facing off with 100% form Zygarde from Pokemon X and Y. This is a key scene in the trailer as Zygarde is located in the Kalos region and Red, as the player character of the Kanto games is – of course – from the Kanto region. The only way for Red to encounter Zygarde is if he were to travel from Kanto to Kalos. Perhaps, if Red is the star character this time around we might see other player characters such as Gold!

Legendary Pokemon aside, the next shot depicts Sakaki (Giovanni in Western localizations) in his HeartGold and SoulSilver attire complete with the spiffy mobster-style hat. By the time he dons this attire, he had left Team Rocket and gone into hiding. This could imply that Red plays a role in the disbanding of Team Rocket, just like in the games. The proclamation of ‘Enemies to Challenge‘ also seems to imply that Red fights again with him!

Next, we transition to another scene which shows Red picking up a Pokeball, implying that he has caught a new Pokemon. What’s interesting about this scene is that he is shrouded in shadows and that could be an allusion to how he was introduced in the Johto games as the mysterious trainer on top of Mountain Silver that the protagonist battles.

Handsome (Looker in localized versions)- an agent of the Pokemon equivalent of the Interpol – is introduced in the next scene of the trailer directing what appears to be a Pokemon SWAT team that consists of a Machamp and an Arcanine. He is a recurring supporting character from the Pearl, Diamond and Platinum games onwards and in each of these regions, he would have a different reason for being in the area. In the Sinnoh games, he was trying to take down Team Galactic, and in X and Y, he was trying to arrest Xerosic, one of the five Team Flare scientists. With that being said, it would be interesting to see how Looker is incorporated into the webseries.

Red and his Pikachu are featured in the next scene as they are attacked by a wild Noivern while riding a mine cart in Terminus Cave. We are then taken to the Lake from Rage from Gold, Silver and Crystal where a Dragonite prepares to take on a red Gyarados.

The next 4 scenes revolve around Blue, Buck and Cheryl. Blue is seen taking on Elite 4 (Champion in Generations 2 and 4Lance before the scene cuts to Buck’s Claydol battling a Heatran. It is heavily hinted that the Claydol belongs to Buck due to the fact that Claydol is his main Pokemon and his Survival Area is located near Stark Mountain where Heatran resides. To add comic relief, we see Cheryl and her Chansey running away from a Haunter and the last scene snaps back to Blue taking on Elite 4 member Bruno, which puts this scene in the timeframe of the Kanto games. Seeing Blue take on the Kanto Elite 4 from his perspective would definitely be one of the key untold moments in the story as mentioned in the trailer that fans should look forward to, as in the original game we witness events from Red’s perspective. Therefore, we did not get to see Blue‘s journey to become the Pokemon Champion ahead of Red.

The second last scene of the trailer depicts Red’s Pikachu facing off against Regigigas at Snowpoint Temple in Sinnoh and the final scene depicts Red preparing to face his rival Blue to become the Pokemon Champion of Kanto, which no doubt is going to be one of the prime climax moments of the webseries!

With a wide roster of characters, including those mentioned above and present in the promotional poster such as N from Black and White and Lysandre from X and Y, Pokemon Generations is definitely a must watch for avid Pokemon fans who want to dive deep into the lore and untold stories of the Pokemon franchise.

If there is anything you think we missed out or got wrong, do feel free to tell us in the comments section!

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