Daisuke Ono To Release New Winter Ballad Single Titled “Orion’s Night”

If there’s any seiyuu-singer whose music career has seen some of the most changes over time, it’s Daisuke Ono.

Unlike most other artistes, Daisuke Ono‘s journey in the music industry has seen his music style and even his public image take a 180-degree turn at some point in his career. His early discography, which included his first three singles and his critically-acclaimed first and only album “Kazahana“, showcased his gentle yet deep vocals in his signature collection of moving ballads and pop-rock numbers.

With the phenomenal success of his fourth single, 熱烈ANSWER, which peaked at 5th place on the Oricon charts, this style would soon make way for a newly crafted “disco” image and catchy dance tracks produced for the mass market, epitomized by later hit tracks such as DELIGHT and KISS KISS KISS. This sharply contrasting approach continued to feature heavily in his subsequent releases and took centrestage even as the 38-year old held his first solo live concert, “Daisuke Ono LIVE 2016 Unlimited Doors“, earlier this year in January.

With his most recent single, Hero, released last year in November 2015, Daisuke Ono appears to be well on track in returning to his musical roots. One year on, fans can expect his next single in the works to continue to bring out a more heartfelt and authentic side to his music which many of his long-time followers would be familiar with before his public makeover.

Lantis has revealed on their official website that Daisuke Ono will be releasing his 9th and latest single, “Orion’s Night” (オリオンの夜), on the 30th of November 2016. The single will be his first winter-themed ballad single and will be available in a single edition consisting of the music video. “Orion’s Night” will be Daisuke Ono‘s first single to be released since the popular seiyuu-singer went freelance earlier this year in February 2016 and started his own official website featuring some of his sample voice clips as well. More details will be released in the weeks to come.

Source: Lantis‘ official website

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