Kalafina Set to Dazzle With New Winter Themed Acoustic Album!

As announced on their official LINE account, the Japanese trio, Kalafina, will be releasing a new studio recorded acoustic album this autumn! What is special about this album is that it’s Winter/Christmas-themed, helping to build up the hype for the season!

The album, titled Winter Acoustic “Kalafina with Strings” is set for release on 16 November 2016, right before the winter season! According to the product page on the Sony Music Shop, it will come in a single edition at ¥3,240. 

While an official track list has yet to be released for this album, fans of Kalafina can definitely look forward to hearing their rendition of classic Christmas songs alongside new arrangements of their original songs that have a winter theme! To top it off, the trio will include their very own original Christmas song in this album.

Kalafina is best known for having their songs featured in hit anime such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Magia, Hikari Furu, Kimi no Gin no Niwa) and Kara no Kyoukai (Sprinter, Seventh Heaven, Oblivious). Legendary anime soundtrack composer, Yuki Kajiura, is also in charge of composing the music for this unique trio!

If you love the vocals of Keiko, Hikaru and Wakana and would love to hear their voices in harmony with stripped-down, simple instrumentals, this album is a definite must-buy! In the meantime, fans of Kalafina can also look forward to the continuation of their Arena Live which will take place at Nippon Budokan next week from 16-17 September 2016! 


Kalafina’s Official LINE Blog

Sony Music Shop

Translations by Astrid

Image credits to Yokoso Japan Association

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