Marie Antoinette Series Begins Publishing – With Supervision from The Palace of Versailles!

Just this Thursday, readers of Kodansha‘s seinen manga magazine Morning were treated to a rather unique offering in the weekly publication, which usually serializes titles like Giant Killing. From the creator of Mars, and ES (Eternal Sabbath), Fuyumi Soryo, comes Marie Antoinette ~La jeunesse d’une reine~ (‘The Youth of the Queen’ in French), a manga about the life of the eponymous French noblewoman and her husband, King Louis XVI! The most surprising thing about this title, however, is that editorial supervision will be provided by the actual Palace of Versailles in France!

While she started out with writing shojo manga in the form of Mars and BoyfriendSoryo is no stranger to writing historical manga. In fact, she had collaborated with a Dante scholar in creating one of her more recent manga, Cesare, a historical manga set in Renaissance-era Italy which was also serialized in MorningMarie Antoinette will take a somewhat similar approach as Cesare by focusing on the main character’s youth before they grew into famous historical figures. Here, the story begins with Marie Antoinette‘s arrival in France from her native Austria at the age of 14, which would also be when she was wed to Louis XVI.

The Palace of Versailles‘ role as an editorial supervisor would be to ensure that the clothing, architecture, and cultural mannerisms for the time would receive accurate portrayals in the manga. As can be seen in the featured image, a lot of work has certainly gone into the details of Marie Antoinette‘s appearance in particular, with a distinctive art-style you don’t normally see in manga. The gorgeous Rococo aesthetics also show that Soryo has done her research well!

We’re looking forward to seeing how this historical manga will set itself apart from others of its kind, especially cult classic The Rose of Versailles, which was set in the same time period. History buffs would definitely be chuffed at the accuracy of this manga, though!



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