flumpool Delivers Yet Another Egg-xellent Concert Experience!

Just a few days ago at live house/club venue THE MILLIAN in Singapore, veteran J-Rock band flumpool returned to the sunny island to finish off their WHAT ABOUT EGGs? tour with a satisfying sizzle! Our reporters were lucky enough to catch the show, and were greeted with some egg-citing surprises!

This performance was their second ever live performance in Singapore since their last appearance in 2014, and vocalist/guitarist Ryuta Yamamura was very vocal about how much he missed the country when the band appeared on stage to raucous cheering. Remarking (as expected of many foreign bands) that he felt very hot in Singapore, Ryuta spoke mostly in English with a determined quip of ‘In Singapore, we speak English!’ when some audience members encouraged him to speak in Japanese  after seeing that he had some difficulty with English. He asked who was seeing them for the first time, and for the remaining hands he asked them ‘What about you?’ Loud chattering was heard from the VIP area in front of the stage, with smatterings of Japanese being heard as the audience shouted out their answers. With that, Ryuta cheerfully called out to the audience to ‘get high with them’!


During the second segment of the concert, guitarist Kazuki Sakai addressed the audience, telling them that they would sing some Singaporean songs. He then proceeded to strum out a slightly remixed version of Singapore’s National Day Parade theme song for 2015, Our Singapore while singing its chorus. Many of the Singaporeans in the audience started to sing along with him, though the rest of flumpool seemed rather confused! This went on for about five times before the band laughed and cut Kazuki off to continue the concert, with the crowd now revitalized.

In the third segment, Ryuta addressed the audience again, talking about EGG (the album) and what the audience thought of it. One female member of the audience yelled out ‘egg-xellent’, with the egg-xceptionally cheesy pun unfortunately being lost on Ryutawho continued trying to pronounce ‘excellent’. Asking who had bought the album already, most of the audience members raised their hands but one daring man said that he had not bought the album. Ryuta jokingly replied that he would give the man a free album after the concert. The band then proceeded to continue the concert…with a Chinese song! Or rather, a Chinese version of one of their songs: Tsuyoku Hakanaku 強く儚く. Translated into Chinese, this would be Gu Dan. It was definitely heartening to see their effort in singing in a different language!


The fourth segment then started, and Kazuki proceeded to introduce the band’s members, plus a supporting keyboardist! Simon Isogai – another Japanese musician and singer with his own record label called Hit-o-ride Records – was quite laid-back with a quip of ‘so what?’ after he introduced himself. Seiji Ogura the drummer called the audience chio bu (Hokkien slang for a ‘hot girl’)  Ryuta asked if it was Chinese, to which some audience members said that specifically, it was Hokkien. Genki Amakawa the bassist called out ‘thank you, chio bu!’ after his own introduction, and after Ryuta and Kazuki‘s introductions Ryuta declared that there was one more member – the most important one! The audience. This was met with a heartfelt ‘aw…’ before proceeding to the next song.

The short lull before the encore had the audience singing Kimi ni Todoke君に届け before the band reappeared on stage, at which point Ryuta led the audience in singing it almost four more times before they are stopped by Kazuki. (the lyrics for the song were helpfully written on a card with a customizable egg on it – courtesy of sgpoolers, the Singaporean flumpool fanclub!) The band then went on to perform two more songs, and the second song, Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute 大切なものは君以外に見当たらなくて had the audience singing along to the chorus – with the lyrics flashed on the large screen on stage – led by Ryuta. As the final words of the chorus were sung by Ryuta alone, a fan-signed banner (shown in the featured image!) was passed onto stage by the audience members in the VIP area. Speechless with delight and surprise, Ryuta tried to stand the banner on stage in front of Seiji‘s drums before Genki suggested that he wear it around his hips like a towel. (he certainly did try!) After he passedthe banner to the backstage crew, the audience proceeded to cheer for one more encore!



Kazuki attempted to strum the chords to Our Singapore yet again and some audience members started to sing along, but he was stopped by the rest of the band staring him down. The rest of the audience continued cheering ‘mou ikkai!‘ (one more!) with even Simon bending down to cheer along with them, to which Ryuta finally relented and called upon the band to perform one more song, Hoshi ni Negai wo 星に願いを! Not to be satiated, the audience proceeded to cheer for yet another encore. Ryuta paused to confer with the rest of the band first, and then turned back to the audience to declare that they will perform a super famous song. Along with an adorable plea of “This is the really last song, okay?” This song was Hydrangea.

As the final notes of the last song trailed off, the band paused for a moment in silence before Kazuki then looked up and waved his hands about, yelling ‘Shut up!’ ‘No more!’ with the rest of the band laughing at his hot-bloodedness and Ryuta holding him back with a grin. He then turns to the audience and promises that flumpool will return to Singapore, pinky-swearing on it with a smile. After a brief photo opportunity with the whole band (plus Simon) holding the banner, they threw their guitar picks out to the audience and Simon threw his EGG towel (which was used during the concert and was on sale at the goods booth outside!) in. Not to be outdone, Seiji proceeded to strip off his striped shirt and toss it into the audience to much frenzied shrieking, then walking backstage half-naked.


All in all, WHAT ABOUT EGGS? ~Singapore Special~ was definitely a concert to remember! We egg-xpect to see flumpool back on the sunny shores of Singapore soon!


1. Kaihoku
2. Kakusei Identity
3. Natsu yo Tomenaide ~You’re Romantic~
5. Dear My friend
6. Rinne
7. Zettai Zetsumei
8. Gu Dan (Tsuyoku Hakanaku) *Chinese Version
9. Kyou no Chikai
10. Ubugoe
11. Ashita Kimi ga Nakanai you ni
12. Yoru wa Nemurerukai?
13. Blue Apple & Red Banana
14. reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~
15. OAOA (remixed, originally by Mayday)
16. Touch
17. World Beats


18. Zeng Ming (Akashi) *Chinese Version
19. Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute
20. Hoshi ni Negai wo
21. Hydrangea

All artiste photos © Amuse SG


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