An EGG Is What You Make Of It: An Interview With flumpool

Before the rocking concert that the four-member band flumpool – composed of Ryuta Yamamura (Vocals/Guitar), Kazuki Sakai (Guitar), Genki Amakawa (Bass) and Seiji Ogura (Drums) – had treated Singapore to recently, our reporters over at J-Network had the opportunity to interview the group in an intimate setting! The members all gave candid answers and the rapport between the four of them was evident through the chattering and small talk that they had between themselves and even the interviewers. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the interview.

Q: Your musical style is quite unique for a J-Rock band. Was there a particular artiste that interested you and who would you like to collaborate with?
Ryuta: We weren’t influenced by a particular artiste but the reason why we started creating music was by listening to THE YELLOW MONKEY so that was kind of our start. We also grew up listening to all kinds of J-Pop and you could say that that was the root to our music. Ryuta: We also got exposed to the Beatles, Coldplay and Aerosmith so we have Western music that we like too. It’s a bit of a mixture of all the music we’ve been inspired by.



Q: Having performed at large venues like Yokohama Arena and Nippon Budokan and smaller venues, what would you say is the biggest difference in performance style from your experience?
Ryuta: In smaller venues like live houses, since the distance between fans is very close, we feel the need to make our music reach the fans as they are so close to us. In fact, our venue in Singapore is a small venue too. In bigger venues, the main advantage is that the fans together as one creates a really big presence.

Q: What is the concept of your new album, EGG, and why is the title EGG?
A: We were looking for a simple title and thought that EGG was simple enough. People can have different views of looking at eggs. For some people, it’s a symbol of life or hope. For some people, it can represent something uncomfortable or something trapped. So we wanted to make the album in such a way that when people listen to it, they can have their own reactions and perspectives towards the album.



Q: Which song would you recommend to your fans from the EGG album?
Kazuki: DILEMMA. 
Genki: 産声 (ROM: Ubugoe). I composed this song by myself. I really like it.
Ryuta: 夜は眠れるかい? (ROM: Yoru wa Nemureru-kai?– the theme song of AJIN.
Seiji: Blue Apple and Red Banana. 

Q: Since you mentioned Yoru wa Nemureru-kai?, are there any other anime that you wish to use your songs in?
Ryuta: I love anime. This is such a hard question. 
Ryuta: To start with, we’d love to do the third part of AJIN since we did the first part. We would love to do, if possible, the song for the third part of AJIN. Or maybe even Hunter x Hunter! 



Q: To Genki-san, are you satisfied with Ubugoe as a songwriter and will fans get to hear you singing your own song anytime soon?
Genki: I’m very happy with it. During a lot of concerts, I do indeed sing in the live so I hope that fans coming for the concert will get to hear this song.

Q: How do you feel you have grown as a band since your debut?
A: At the beginning when we just started, we were very nervous during MCs and concerts. We initially couldn’t enjoy ourselves during concerts but now, when we are producing albums or having concerts, we can enjoy ourselves and enjoy communicating with the fans. Now we can even enjoy the unexpected occurrences during concerts and have fun with it too.

Q: Being a relatively veteran band, what do you think has changed about the music industry?
A: In Japan? The biggest? In terms of music industry, CD sales are declining worldwide and music streaming has become popular – quite different from where we started. Because of that, we feel that concerts and live performances have become more valuable. Live communication is the most important for us.



Q: Do you think you have achieved what you have been dreaming of pre-debut and what are your goals for now?
In some respects, we have achieved our dreams but we thought we would become much richer, living in a mansion. Not yet. We have a long way to go. *laugh* In Japan, we often perform at Budokan and big venues so we feel that we have achieved that. Overseas, we need to expand our work more though and we hope to perform at bigger places overseas like the Singapore Indoor Stadium like Mayday.

With that, the interview ended, leaving a lasting impact on our reporters. flumpool certainly has a lot of experience in the industry and the group is showing no signs of slowing down in their music career. Do take a look at the other articles in our coverage of flumpool’s time in Singapore in 2016!

Translation credits to on-site translator and Astrid

All photos by Tab

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