T.M Revolution Revolutionizes Tokyo Joypolis With A New Collaboration!

As Tokyo Joypolis and renowned artist T.M. Revolution ( Takanori Nishikawa) both celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year, Tokyo Joypolis has decided to launch a series of T.M. Revolution shows and rides! The two have decided to join forces to commemorate their 20th Anniversary together with a park opening – the T.M.R Park Revolution, at Tokyo Bay, Odaiba.

TMR Park 1

A digital Live “Science Fiction Concert” is set to be featured at Planet Joypolis, and is presented by a holographic projection of Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) travelling to Planet Joypolis in a jet plane. Famous hit songs such as “Hot Limit“, “High Pressure” and “White Breath” will feature in the show as well. The timings for the concert will be held at the Park’s first floor main stage at 12pm, 3pm and 7pm.


TMR Park 3

Joypolis also launched the “world’s first rhythm game roller coaster”, the Geki-On Live Roller Coaster. It includes the same T.M. Revolution songs presented in the sci-fi concert with the addition of “Preserved Roses,”, a song by T.M. Revolution featuring Nana Mizuki. This unique ride combines the sensation of riding a high speed coaster while playing a rhythm game simultaneously. Both attractions are located on the first floor and have an entry fee of 800 yen.

Genki Coaster.jpg

Other attractions include a snowboarding simulator, the Halfpipe Tokyo, which plays over 30 different T.M Revolution songs as well as fortune telling.

Half Pipe Board.jpg

The park also features a scavenger hunt and an exhibition of Nishikawa’s various costumes that he wore over the years of his career.

The park features plenty of T.M Revolution goods on sale, such as rubber straps, key chains and the 2013 edition of the T.M. Revolution Nendoroid. Viewers thinking of buying this Nendoroid have to be weary though as there are only about 400 of these left at the park.

There is even a cafe with a menu featuring food based on T.M Revolution songs! Both the Nendoroid and cafe food are shown in the picture below.

TMR FigsTMR Food

Finally, visitors who are looking to grab a souvenir from the park can get it in the form of the park tickets. For this event, the park tickets have been re-branded to have Nishikawa on the ticket cover, and there is even one version with a chibi representation of him. Despite the name of the park being Joypolis 2020, this collaboration event will only last till 30 September 2016. The entry fee for the park is 800 yen for adults and 500 Yen for children.

So hurry now if you want to be able to experience this limited time event!


Joypolis Official Site



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