JAM Project Announces Dates For “JAM Project LIVE TOUR 2016 ~AREA Z ~”

Dedicated JAM Project fans would know about this legendary group that formed at the start of 2000. Ever since their formation, JAM Project has been giving us anime and toku openings that are still dear to our hearts for many years to come. Example of such songs include “Go Go Rescue!” from Machine Robo Rescue, “Crush Gear Fight!” from Crush Gear Turbo, “GARO SAVIOR OF THE DARK” From Garo and most recently “HERO” from One Punch Man. Having just celebrated their 15th Anniversary last year, with a concert and “SKILL -2015-“, Jam Project will be having a regional tour around Asia.

JAM Project’s current members consists of Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui and Yoshiki Fukuyama. 

Lead singer Hironobu Kageyama is nicknamed Mr DBZ by his fans due to his involvement in singing most of the songs from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. He is best known for singing “Cha-La Head-Cha-La“, the first opening theme song of the DBZ franchise.

Masaaki Endoh sang the opening to Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, the Super Sentai series which got adopted to Power Rangers Dino Thunder in the West. He is nicknamed the Young Lion of Anison and specialises in high and long notes in the group. This ability was dubbed “Super Endoh Time” by fans.

Hiroshi Kitadani sang “We Are!“, the first opening for the anime One Piece. He then went on to sing “We Go!” and “We Can!“, the 15th and 19th opening of the same anime. He also sang a few toku songs for Kamen Rider as well, such as “Revolution” and “Hatenaki Inochi” for Kamen Rider Ryuki. He made an appearance at Anime Festival Asia 2014 as well to promote Anisong World Tour: Lantis Festival in Singapore. 

Masami Okui is known for singing “Shuffle” for the Yugioh Duel Monsters series and Rinbu Revolution, the opening theme to the famous anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. 

Yoshiki Fukuyama is known for contributing the singing voice and guitar skills for Basara Nekki, the main character from the anime Macross 7.

The Asia tour will start from October and end in November. JAM Project will head to the following destinations:

October 8 – Taipei – ATT SHOW BOX
October 15 – Seoul – Yes24 LIVE HALL (AX-KOREA)
November 6 – Hong Kong – MacPherson Stadium

No other details such as time, local ticket pricing were made available as of time of writing. Those wondering what JAM Project is like during live concerts can certainly expect a concert marked by audience participation and lots of excitement and energy.


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