5 Anime Series To Pick Up Over The Summer Season!

Summer season is here, and it is the season where many anime series with a diversity of genres, character designs, plots and settings are released! Viewers do take note because we have compiled a list of 5 anime series that we think is worth picking up to watch this summer : (Disclaimer: The titles displayed here showcases new, aired and currently airing anime)

  1. The Asterisk War ( Gakuen Toshi Asterisk, 学戦都市アスタリスク)

Gakusen_toshi_asterisk photo

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi

Why pick up this series?
For people who love an action packed storyline, this is the anime for you. Throughout its two seasons (the second season is still currently airing), it will certainly stun you in terms of its breathtaking visual effects and plot. The Asterisk War focuses on female protagonist Julis Von Reissfeld, as she attempts to win a festa tournament so that she can donate the winnings to an orphanage in her home country. However, she is powerless alone as the tournament only accepts participants that come in pairs. Will the appearance of the male protagonist, Amagiri Ayato help her to achieve her goal? Stay tuned to find out! There is also a PlayStation Vita game for the anime!

Asterisk War PS VITA photo

2. Sousei No Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists, 双星の陰陽師)

Sousei.no.Onmyouji photo.jpg

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Why pick up this series?
This anime revolves around the Japanese belief of a lateral world that contains monsters/spirits which the anime refers to as Kegare, and the Exorcists who protect people from these evil spirits by purifying them. This anime follows the action packed battles of married exorcists Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino as they plow their way through an engaging storyline complemented with occasional comedy scenes. However, Rokuro, is opposed to being an exorcist whereas Benio wants to purify all Kegare in the world. With the pair having conflicting mindsets, how will they fare in battle? Pick up this series to find out! The anime is currently still airing.

3. Bungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス)

Bungou Stray Dogs Photo

Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Seinen

Why pick up this series?
Bungou Stray Dogs is the anime for you if you are into mystery and the supernatural. This anime simply packs a punch in those genres and the great character designs and intriguing mysteries make this anime one that is not to be missed. When a mythical tiger terrorizes Atsushi Nakajima and turns his life upside down, he teams up with a suicidal supernatural detective Osamu Dazai and his assistant, Doppo Kunikida to stop it. The storyline is engaging and it has the ability to engage viewers and make them interested in knowing the whole story. The anime is currently still airing.

4. Sakamoto Desu Ga? (坂本ですが)

Sakamoto Desu ga.jpg

Genre: Seinen, School, Comedy

Why pick up this series?
If you would like to spend your summer laughing and enjoying a comedy anime that is not too plot heavy, this is a must pick up for you. If you are into Ikemen (Handsome guys) doing cool stuff, then you simply cannot miss this anime! Tune in to watch how the flamboyant Sakamoto-kun wows everyone with his secret techniques and foils any plots against him by the school bullies! This anime is currently still airing!

5. Love Live Sunshine!!(ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!)

LLSS Image

Why pick up this series?
Love Live Fans rejoice! The successors of Muse(μ’s) will start their stories this summer! Tune in to find out how the successors of the popular School Idol group, Muse(μ’s), AQOURS, rise to the limelight as the seniors did! There has been plenty of hype for this series so if you are a fan of μ’s, or just like anime music in particular, do stay tuned to this upcoming series! 

The following anime are just suggestions on what to watch over the summer. They are not ranked in any way, and the numbers are there just to provide a clearer listing method.

The opinions in this article are that of the author alone and do not represent that of the community at large. 




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