Details for Nana Mizuki’s 34th Single Have Been Released, “STARTING NOW!”

Last month at her second concert at the legendary Tokyo Dome, the Queen of AnisongNana Mizuki, announced that she would be releasing a new single in July. More details have been released with regards to the new single including the release date and accompanying tracks!

The new single will come with three tracks and is set for release on 13 July 2016. While all the names of the tracks have been revealed on her official website, no official name nor cover art has been given for the 34th single at this time of writing.

The first track, titled ‘STARTING NOW!’ will be used as the opening theme to the anime この美術部には問題がある!(Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga aru! ENG: This Art Club Has a Problem!) where she will also be taking the role of supporting character Yumeko Tachibana. Nana Mizuki is also in charge of the lyrics to STARTING NOW! It may be interesting to note that the accompanying tracks in the single are all tie-up songs to existing projects as well! The track list for the new single is as follows:

1.STARTING NOW! (Opening theme of Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga aru!)
Lyrics: Nana Mizuki
Composer Takuya Fujita
Arrangement: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)

2.アンティフォーナ ENG: Antifona (Theme song to the iOS/Android game, THE TOWER OF PRINCESS)
Lyrics: Shihori
Composer: Eriko Yoshiki 
Arrangement: Yusuke Kato 

3. 恋想花火 ROM: Rensou Hanabi (Commercial song for the Japanese restaurant, Nakau*)
Lyrics and Composition: Yoshida Takumi (phatmans after school)
Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)

Nana Mizuki’s 34th single is set to be a rather exciting one! *The third track is the commercial song used for the Japanese chain restaurant, Nakau. Nana Mizuki is the image girl for the restaurant chain and has starred in video commercials for the restaurant to promote their unamabushi dish in 2015. Her voice has also been used in the restaurant’s automated ticketing/cashier system as well.

Our reporter managed to take some pictures of one of the Nakau restaurants in Hiroshima in December last year that featured Nana Mizuki’s image on their outdoor menu and automated ticketing system as well.


The banner menu that was displayed outside of a Nakau store in Hiroshima


The automated ticketing machines at Nakau featured Nana Mizuki’s image with her voice guiding customers through the payment and ordering process

This summer is definitely shaping up to be an interesting one for Nana Mizuki as she will be gracing various projects, ranging from anime to CM songs with her powerful vocals!


Nana Mizuki’s Official Website

Nakau Official Website

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