What to Expect at Chara Expo 2016: Part 2!

The second press conference for this year’s CharaExpo which was held just a few days ago revealed many juicy bits of information which should pique the interest of all otaku alike – with the announcement of quite a few interesting guests!

Official art by Na-Ga for Angel Beats (left) and Asuka Nishi for CharaExpo mascot Shiyoko (right)

First off, as we already know, illustrator Asuka Nishi will be joining us for this year’s CharaExpo. Fans of KEY productions would be pleased to know that she will be accompanied by illustrator Na-Ga of Little Busters! and Angel Beats fame! Furthermore, an instantly familiar name to any KEY fan will also be coming to Singapore for the first time, and she is marina, one of the two voices behind fictional band Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats and the vocalist of fictional band ZHIEND from Charlotte!


From left to right: marina, Starmarie, The World Standard and Milky Holmes

Adding on, making their debut appearances in Singapore will be gothic lolita idol group Starmarie (the voices behind Mekurumeku Yuuki, the ending theme for Cardfight!! Vanguard G) as well as the kawaii cat-eared idol group The World Standard. (a charming 5-girl team whose members are all learning different languages, namely French, English, Mandarin Chinese and Korean).

Fans of Milky Holmes would also be interested to note that all four members of the girl group; Mimori Suzuko (Sherlock Shellingford), Sora Tokui (Nero Yuzuruzaki), Izumi Kitta (Cordelia Glauca) and Mikoi Sasaki (Hercule Burton) will be present at this year’s CharaExpo! According to Tokui who appeared during the press conference, they may be performing this year as well, so keep an eye out!

As for seiyuu appearances, this year’s CharaExpo is set leave event-goers spoiled for choice! As mentioned in our previous article, a large number of voice talents from the latest installment of the Bushiroad trading card game franchise Cardfight!! Vanguard G will be making appearances. Namely, Mark Ishii (Chrono Shindou), Junya Enoki (Shion Kiba), Syuta Morishima (Shin Nitta), Mikoi Sasaki (Okazaki Kumi), Izumi Kitta (Misaki Tokura), Aimi Terakawa (Amu Chouno), Ayasa Ito (Saya Yatomi) and Emi Nitta (Anjou Tokoha). Mimori Suzuko who is the voice behind Kourin Tatsunagi from the original Cardfight!! Vanguard series will also be making an appearance, and will be performing on the 9th of July while Emi Nitta will be holding her performance on the 10th. From Bushiroad’s other multimedia franchises are Sora Tokui of Milky Holmes and Rimi Nishimoto of BanG_Dream!

Cosplayers will not be left out either at this event! One of the main highlights of CharaExpo 2016 will be CosStage, where cosplayers can compete to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Cosplay Collection Night at the Tokyo Game Show this year!


Kazuchika Okada grappling Togi Makabe (courtesy of Nakitty Channel)

The match cards and wrestlers for the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) segments were also released during the press conference! This year, Toru Yano, Hirooki Goto, Juice Robinson, David Finlay, Yoshi-Hashi, Kazuchika Okada, Gedo, Hiroshi TanahashiTogi Makabe, Tetsuya Naito, Bushi and EVIL will be fighting in six matches on both days. The match-ups are below:

First Day:

David Finlay VS Bushi

Gedo and Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL and Tetsuya Naito

Juice Robinson, Togi Makabe and Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Yoshi-Hashi, Toru Yano and Hirooki Goto

Second Day:

Juice Robinson VSDavid Finlay

Togi Makabe and Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Yoshi-Hashi and Toru Yano

Gedo, Hirooki Goto and Kazuchika Okada VS Bushi, EVIL and Tetsuya Naito


Meanwhile, the exhibition floor of CharaExpo 2016 will be divided into two main areas: the booths area and the movies area. The former will host booths from a myriad of well-known companies. Namely, Aniplex, Arclight, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bushiroad Inc., Good Smile Company, La Tendo, KADOKAWA, Otakutachi, SHOGAKUKAN ASIA Pte. Ltd, Sony Digital Entertainment, Animax Asia and ODEX. They will be displaying popular series titles as well as exclusive merchandise for sale! On the other hand, the movies area will be hosting free screenings of three very popular movies! Firstly, The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History. Secondly, Love Live! The School Idol Movie and last but not least, Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack! 

Again, early bird prices for a day pass to CharaExpo 2016 will be going for SGD8, available at the exhibition’s SISTIC website, Sony stores at 313@Somerset, NEX, IMM and Bugis Junction as well as various card and hobby stores around Singapore. Buying the ticket at the venue itself will cost you SGD10 instead.

For ardent fans of Mimori Suzuko (9th July) and Emi Nitta (10th July), a ticket to one of their concerts will cost you SGD43 on the SISTIC website. (this ticket also includes admission to the main event during the day)

Get your tickets now! CharaExpo 2016 is set to be bigger and better than ever! It will be held at Singapore Expo Hall 7, from 9th to 10th July.

Sources: CharaExpo Official Website
Featured Image ©C3 CharaExpo Committee All rights reserved
Images Courtesy of Tokyo Girls Update (Starmarie) Idolstreet Wikia (The World Standard) Bushiroad (Milky Holmes)
Video ©Official Starmarie YouTube Channel

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