Monster Hunter Generations Release Date Confirmed!

Hunters rejoice! The enticing new installment of the Monster Hunter series entitled Monster Hunter Generations (Monster Hunter X in Japan) is set to be released on 15 July!

As a further incentive for you to get your own copy, Capcom and Nintendo are releasing limited edition Monster Hunter themed New 3DS XL consoles to promote its release, as shown below.


The models come in blue and red and have the same logo on the lid. The design consists of a four-paneled logo with a stylized icon of a featured monster from the game in each panel. ( Top Left : Mizutsune, Bottom Left : Glavenus, Top Right : Astalos, Bottom Right : Gammoth ).

The red console is exclusive to Europe and will have the game pre-installed in it whereas the blue console is exclusive to North America but will not have the game pre-installed.

This installment of the game differs from its predecessors with an alteration in gameplay. Hunters are now able to employ new features of the game known as Hunter Style and Hunter Arts to make their hunting experience more enjoyable by executing buffs and powered up attacks. A playable demo of the game is available in the Nintendo eShop for hunters to hone their skills and get used to the new game mechanics.

Veteran hunters may also be pleased to find out several locations such as Kokoto Village and Pokko Village will be returning from previous installments of the series.

Hunters who are considering buying the Limited Edition New 3DS XL for their region can do so here: Blue EditionRed Edition









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