Kenichi Suzumura Will Be The First Solo Male Seiyuu To Receive International Live Viewing

Within less than a day since record label Lantis announced that prolific seiyuu-singer Kenichi Suzumura‘s MANTEN LIVE 2016 will be broadcasted live across three countries in Asia, there has been much excitement and interest generated on the Lantis Facebook page over the upcoming live viewing.

Specifically, Japan, Hong Kong and Taipei will be receiving the live viewing, and indeed Suzumura‘s very large Taiwanese fanbase has responded positively upon learning of the news, with many Facebook users expressing interest for the event on Lantis‘ Facebook page itself. For the unaware, MANTEN LIVE 2016 will be held on the 18th and 19th of June, 2016 at the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater and the live viewing will be available on the second day of the concert itself – 19th June, a Sunday. Japanese viewers will have thirteen different venues to catch the live viewing from Tokyo to Hiroshima, Hong Kongers will have two venues where it will be broadcast at – MCL Telford and the sky, while Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi will be the place to look out for by Suzumura‘s Taiwanese fans.

Acclaimed male seiyuu, Hiroshi Kamiya had a live viewing last year for his first solo live, ハレヨン→5&6 (Hareyon–>5&6) though it was limited to the domestic Japanese audience. With the overseas live viewing for MANTEN LIVE 2016 confirmed, Kenichi Suzumura, whose latest single “brand new” will be released this Wednesday on the 18th of May, 2016, has officially become the first male seiyuu to receive an international live broadcast for a solo concert performance, with Queen of Anisong Nana Mizuki holding the same honour amongst seiyuus in general and MASOCHISTIC ONO BAND, comprising Suzumura‘s fellow record label mate Daisuke Ono and popular voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya alongside four other band members, being the first seiyuu unit to have a international live viewing.   Through these live viewings, these figures in the anime world have been able to reach fans in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and various East Asian countries as well.

Nana Mizuki is the first seiyuu to receive an international live viewing for her “NANA MIZUKI LIVE CIRCUS 2013+” in Taipei. Her concert in Singapore, “NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+” also received an international live viewing.

MASOCHISTIC ONO BAND is the first seiyuu unit to receive a international live viewing for their


Fans can view our coverage of the first and second days for his concert last year to get an idea of what to expect for his 2016 return. With the logo hinting at a fire and water theme for this year, what might Suzumura bring this time for his many fans worldwide?

Readers who enjoy Suzumura‘s music might want to consider checking out these seiyuu-singers as well. Fans will also be delighted to know that other Lantis artistes will be having their own solo live concerts this year, including ChouChoKensho Ono, OLDCODEX and Chihara Minori. For those who have missed the opportunity to catch their favourite Lantis seiyuu-singers live, our reporters have put together our five-part coverage of the Singapore stop for last year’s iconic ANISONG WORLD TOUR 2015 LANTIS FESTIVAL which readers can view here:

Part 1 – ChouCho and Azusa Tadokoro
Part 2 – Kensho Ono and Kenichi Suzumura
Part 3 – Megumi Ogata and OLDCODEX
Part 4 – Minori Chihara

Update: On the 11th of June, it was announced on the Facebook page “Live Viewing Japan – International” that Suzumura‘s MANTEN LIVE 2016 will also be receiving a pre-recorded screening on the 26th of June, a Sunday, commencing at 2.30pm in Guangzhou at the 1850創意園区 as well as in Shanghai at the 浅水湾文化芸術中心. Fans in both cities can look forward to catching Suzumura‘s concert on screen too!

Official website for the live viewing
Lantis‘ official Facebook page announcement

3 thoughts on “Kenichi Suzumura Will Be The First Solo Male Seiyuu To Receive International Live Viewing

    • Hello, mayuka!

      Yes, the live viewing is a live stream of the concert that will take place at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theatre. Unfortunately, Kenichi Suzumura will not be at the cinemas in the flesh but you will get to see him in real time!



      • aaah thats too bad! i’m not interested in a livestream since i could just watch the dvd later
        i was considering on going to the concert but if i can’t see him, there’s no point

        thank you for the info!


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