Pokemon Trading Card Game Online: Now On Google Play Store!

Our reporters at J-Network have been busy keeping up with the flurry of announcements in the Pokemon franchise, with revelations on the new Generation VII releases coming fast and furious in the recent month. The latest announcement may not catch most readers by surprise, but it has already proven to be something fans will be eagerly looking forward to.

The Pokemon series is perhaps best known for its unique gameplay with players collecting an ever-growing range of Pokemon and training them in battles, accompanied by the many features that make up the mechanics of the wildly popular game. Some may know that Pokemon has its own trading card game (TCG) too, allowing fans to experience a Pokemon battle with the use of physical, collectible cards with their own effects as well. Only recently, however, are we seeing more and more TCGs being adapted onto an online interface for players, such as Magic: The Gathering – and if that is not unusual enough, there is now an emerging trend of mobile-exclusive TCGs such as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which was released just two years ago.

Get ready for it: Pokemon is the latest to join the series of trading card games downloadable and playable both online and on a mobile platform. For those not yet aware, the Pokemon Trading Card Game was first made available in 2011, and slightly over five years since, players can download the game from the Google Play Store for Android tablets. With the game being almost identical to its PC counterpart, players are effectively able to access their same collection of cards on either platform. Fans will be delighted to learn that the game itself is free to play, although additional in-app purchases are available according to player discretion and choice.

Players can find the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for download on their PCs here, while the Google Play Store download is available here.

Sources: Bulbapedia, Android Authority and official Pokemon website

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