Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon May Trailer Reveals Starter Designs, Typings and Legendary Designs

At 9pm JST, The Official Pokemon Channel posted the first game trailer for upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, the 7th generation of Pokemon games. 

We get to see the first gleams of the new region, the male trainer protagonist, the region’s local Pokemon professor, the three new starter Pokemons’ first stage and typing, the two legendary Pokemon mascots, as seen on the Sun and Moon box art, as well as the English box arts of the two games. 

Graphically, the game looks like the Gen 6 XY ORAS games, although the cinematic scenes seen in the trailer is of a higher quality as compared to Gen 6’s cinematic scenes.

The 3 new starters follow the primary typing of all starters, namely Grass, Fire, and Water typing. They are an owl with grass and flying typing named Rowlet, which possesses a typing seen before in Tropius, a kitten with a pure fire typing named Litten, and a purely water-type baby seal named Popplio.

Rowlet Litten Popplio
The designs for the legendary Pokemon of the sun and the legendary Pokemon of the moon have been revealed, with the Sun legendary Pokemon resembling a white lion with gold and red contrasts, and the Moon legendary Pokemon looking like a crescent-moon-shaped bat.

Moon Legenday Sun Legendary
No details on the names (English or Japanese) have been revealed yet with regards to the two legendary Pokemon in the trailer.

Serebii and IGN have, additionally, reported further details of the game, including the region name of Alola, Rowlet having a new attack called “Leafage“, trainer customization from XY potentially returning to Sun and Moon, and that the name of the person giving you your starter is Hala, or Kukui, depending on your regional settings.

Those who want to watch the trailer can do so here

The game is set to be released on 18 November 2016.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Youtube Trailer




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