CHARAPEDIA Readers Reveal Which Music Groups They Like Best

A poll by CHARAPEDIA amongst anime fans in Japan reveals some interesting insights into the music preferences of the community, with a variety of genres making it onto their ranking list. Two-thirds of the respondents were male, and 67.2% were under the age of 20.

The overall ranking is shown below:

20. Aikatsu’s Soleil – 65 votes
19. Free!’s STYLE FIVE – 68 votes
18. Prince of Stride’s Galaxy Standard – 74 votes
17. Seiyuu’s Life’s Earphones – 77 votes
16. Detroit Metal City’s DMC – 86 votes
15. K-On!’s Wakaba Girls – 95 votes
14. Show By Rock!!’s Criticrista – 101 votes
13. Macross Delta’s Walküre – 113 votes
12. Love Live!’s BiBi – 129 votes
11. THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls’s CINDERELLA PROJECT – 131 votes
10. Sket Dance’s THE Sketch Book – 150 votes
9. Show By Rock!!’s Plasmagica – 152 vote
8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s ENOZ – 192 votes
7. THE iDOLM@STER’s 765PRO ALLSTARS – 207 votes
6. Macross 7’s Fire Bomber – 260 votes
5. Uta no Prince-sama’s QUARTET ☆ NIGHT – 293 votes
4. Uta no Prince-sama’s ST ☆ RISH – 384 votes
3. Angel Beats!’s Girls Dead Monster – 414 votes
2. Love Live!’s μ’s – 537 votes

So which anime music group does it seem that fans love the most? Presenting to you:

1. K-On!’s Houkago Tea Time – 667 votes

The popular manga K-On!, which was subsequently adapted for the television screen as an anime series in 2010, features its characters attempting to prevent the closure of a light music (keiongaku 軽音楽; hence the name “K-On!“) club, proved to be a hit with fans across both genders alike, with its main band “Houkago Tea Time” (放課後ティータイム, which literally translates to “After School Tea Time“) comprising of members Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki, and Azusa Nakano, attaining the most votes in the overall poll. It continued to hold the top place amongst male voters, and a commendable third place with female voters.

What is even more impressive about this fictional band is that their mini-album, HO-KAGO TEA TIME, managed to top the Oricon weekly chart when it was first released in July 2009! With unforgettable songs such as My Love is a Stapler and Fuwafuwa Time, it is unsurprising that Houkago Tea Time managed to capture the hearts of fans!


Above: K-On!’s Houkago Tea Time.

Perhaps more interesting would be the specific groups that received the top places in votes within each individual gender polled.

Poll Results Amongst Male Voters
10. Sket Dance’s THE Sketch Book – 102 votes
9. Love Live!’s BiBi – 104 votes
8. THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls’s CINDERELLA PROJECT – 119 votes
7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s ENOZ – 120 votes
6. ShowBy Rock!!’s Plasmagica – 132 votes
5. THE iDOLM@STER’s 765PRO ALLSTARS – 151 votes
4. Macross 7’s Fire Bomber – 217 votes
3. Angel Beats!’s Girls Dead Monster – 310 votes
2. Love Live!’s μ’s – 351 votes
1. K-On!’s Houkago Tea Time – 509 votes

Poll Results Amongst Female Voters
5. Angel Beats!’s Girls Dead Monster – 105 votes
4. Love Live!’s μ’s – 158 votes
3. K-On!’s Houkago Tea Time – 186 votes
2. UtaPri’s QUARTET ☆ NIGHT – 293 votes
1. UtaPri’s ST ☆ RISH – 384 votes


Pictured: The nine-member μ’s from the Love Live! series, which holds popularity with both male and female audiences. The group has just recently concluded their final live concert.


Pictured: The seven-member ST ☆ RISH, which is one of the two units from Uta no Prince-sama which were voted by female audiences to be their favourite music groups from anime.

The Uta no Prince-sama idol units proved immensely popular with the female audience, with groups ST ☆ RISH and QUARTET ☆ NIGHT attaining the top two places amongst fangirls, while THE iDOLM@STER saw two of its units featured in the top ten rankings within the male audience. Besides K-On!, the nine-member μ’s (pronounced ‘muse’) from the ever-popular Love Live! School Idol Project and Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats! are also well-loved amongst audiences from both genders. The voting patterns in this poll marks a contrast from fan opinion on which theme songs from various anime series are most able to get them worked up, where male and female voters expressed entirely different preferences in a similar poll by CHARAPEDIA.



Poll results taken from CHARAPEDIA and Crunchyroll websites.
Information on K-On!’s Houkago Tea Time taken from K-On! Wiki.

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