Japanese Voice Actress Kayano Ai To Share Her Love For Sake With The World

Japanese voice actress (seiyuu) Kayano Ai (known for her roles as Shiro from No Game No LifeYuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown and Kasumigaoka Utaha from Saekano) is a huge fan of sake and she is not afraid to share that with the world. She will be releasing a new web series named “Kayonomi ” on the YouTube channel of Animate Times, where she will be researching methods of drinking sake, discuss the alcoholic drink with guests and look into how sake is made. The name “Kayonomi” is a combination of her name and the Japanese word nomi” (飲み) which means the act of drinking in the Japanese context.

Animate Times streamed a promotional video in which Kayano confesses her love for sake and also reveals her plans for the web series. The video streamed is the one below:

This preview video was also the first video posted to the brand new Animate Times YouTube channel. The news site had rebranded their website from animate.tv to Animate Times on Tuesday and began announcing plans to distribute original video content as well. The web series “Kayonomi” is the first original content series the website is offered, though the release date of the web series is unannounced.


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