What To Expect At Chara Expo 2016!

 Chara Expo 2015 was a major success and its return was announced early this year during the press conference held at 313@Somerset. This year’s artiste line up for the 2 day concert will be very much different from last year, and all the event booths have been pretty much revealed and are very likely confirmed to be attending this event.

This year, the organisers of Chara Expo 2016 have brought things to a new level. Firstly, introducing this year’s artiste line up for the concert event – the first day will be graced by the lovely Mimori Suzuko (known as Mimorin by most), the voice behind Kourin Tatsunagi from Cardfight!! Vanguard and Umi Sonoda from Love Live! School Idol Project, while the second day will have the cheerful Emi Nitta (Tokoha Anjou from Cardfight!! Vanguard G and Honoka Kousaka from Love Live! School Idol Project) singing her heart out. No surprises here, considering that Bushiroad – the creator of the two franchises – is one of Chara Expo 2016’s main sponsors! And thus, the stage is set for this year’s concert!

Secondly, in addition to concert appearances from the two singer-seiyuus, there will also be talkshows and other special events where you will be able to get up close and personal with them conducted during the day! They aren’t alone, either. This year, a staggering 17 guests – Sora Tokui (known as Soramaru by fans), Asuka Nishi and Mark Ishii, just to name a few – are confirmed to be touching down on the sunny shores of Singapore to grace Chara Expo 2016 with their presence! What’s more, this isn’t even the full guest-list! Chara Expo 2016 is definitely pulling out all the stops here. Be sure to stay tuned and up to date in case the organisers decide to add in more surprises for us!

Thirdly, Bushiroad Spring Fest 2016 will also be held in conjunction with Chara Expo 2016. What does this mean? A bonanza of trading card game (TCG)  events, including tournaments and more! As you can see in the image above, Bushiroad trading card games Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, Weiss Schwarz and Luck & Logic will have tournaments ongoing. We are definitely expecting a large area to be set aside to cater to players of all these games, and these players are sure to be delighted at what’s in store for them at this year’s Chara Expo.


Fourthly, the exhibition area is set to be massive with the large number of exhibitors showing up this year. Here is the current list of them:

New Japan Pro Wrestling Waku Waku Japan NAS Sony Digital Entertainment Yuhodo! AzuMaker
Bushiroad Pony Canyon SOTSU Rainy Cocoa Tokyo Game Show 2016 COSPA
Sony Amuse Singapore ADK Nelke Planning Dogakobo Animation Studio
TV Asahi Japan Shogakukan Asia Daiyaku Tokyo MX Bandai Visual
Dentsu Bushiroad Music COCO! Daisuki.net Front Wing
TV Tokyo ChainLinks Games Top Insight Good Smile Company Visual Arts
Contents Seed Animation International Official AKB48 booth Charaon! Nippon Animation

Do note however that this list has yet to be confirmed. But nevertheless, this lineup offers much reason for any fan to participate!

Last but not least, unique crowd favorite New Japan Pro-Wrestling will also be making its return! With the intimidatingly large and muscular (but surprisingly very friendly!) Unchained King Kong, Togi Makabe also making his reappearance, this event will definitely be exciting with his penchant for riling up the crowd! Be prepared for an absolutely manly atmosphere and lots of yelling!


With that said, wait no longer – get your tickets now while the early bird prices are still up! You can get them in-person from Sony stores at 313@Somerset, IMM, Bugis Junction or NEX, Kinokuniya stores at Takashimaya, Liang Court, Bugis Junction or JEM after 16th May 2016 or from various card and hobby shops around Singapore.

You may also purchase your tickets on the SISTIC website. Other than these stores, you can also get them at all card stores that carry Bushiroad TCG products like New Touch Stationary in Punggol, Rowell Home Entertainment in Serangoon and also TTZ One in Hougang! These tickets will be going for SGD8 for the early bird pricing! Meanwhile, for concert-goers, tickets are available on the SISTIC website at SGD43 per day, which includes admission to the main event area during the day.

Source: Chara Expo Official Website, Chara Expo Official Facebook Page, Bushiroad Official Website

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