Maaya Sakamoto announces new single and live album!

Maaya Sakamoto has announced on her official LINE account just this morning that she will be releasing a new single and live album this summer. Yesterday also happened to be the day her debut single, Yakusoku wa Iranai (ENG: Promises Not Needed) was released to the Japanese public. Flying Dog Entertainment has released more details regarding the single on its official site.

The new single, titled Million Clouds, will have the lead track be used as the opening theme of the anime あまんちゅ! (ROM: Amanchu!). Beyond this information, not much has been revealed with regards to the release date of the single or the accompanying tracks that will appear in this single. As for Amanchu!, it will be animated by J.C. Staff and directed by Junichi Sato who has also worked on the Tamayura series where Sakamoto’s songs had also been used as opening themes. Amanchu! will begin airing in July 2016.

Sakamoto also announced that a live album will be released in summer as well. This will be the first live album package that she will be releasing. The recordings used in this album will be taken from the finale of the Maaya Sakamoto LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 FOLLOW ME UP which took place at the Nakano Sun Plaza on 7 February 2016. No release date has been revealed for the release of this live album yet but more details will come in the near future.

This summer is set to be an exciting ones for fans of the multi-talented seiyuu and singer. We are definitely looking forward to hearing the new song and live tracks!


FlyingDog Official Website

Anime News Network 

Translations by Astrid

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