LiSA announces celebrations for her fifth year anniversary!

LiSA celebrated her fifth year anniversary with the launch of her 2nd mini-album “LUCKY Hi FiVE!“. LiSAkkos across the globe have started ordering her album since the release date on the 19 April 2016. Her Hi FiVE LiVE tour in Japan kick-started at Shibuya’s NHK Hall on 20 April 2016 and it was a sold out show! As icing on the cake, LiSA also had two very special announcements for her fans that further outline her celebrations for her fifth anniversary.

LiSA will be having her biggest concert to date – LiVE Is Smile Always ~ NEVER ENDiNG GLORY – at the famous Yokohama Arena from 26-27 November 2016. The Yokohama Arena played host to famous, big name concerts such as the annual Kiramune Music Festival, Nana Mizuki Live Grace 2011 and animax musix. Members of her official fan club will be able to register for the balloting of pre-sales tickets starting today and you will able to find more information via LiSA’s Official Member website.


The second news is the release of LiSA’s first music clip collection titled 「LiSA MUSiC ViDEO CLiPS 2011-2015」 which will go on sale from 29 June 2016. The Blu-ray version and the DVD version will be priced at ¥5,500 and ¥4,500 with taxes respectively. The contents of the music clip collection are as follows:

「DiSC 1:LiSA MUSiC ViDEO CLiPS 2011-2015」

01 Believe in myself
02 妄想コントローラー (mousou-controller)
03 oath sign
04 crossing field
05 best day, best way
06 I’m a Rock star
07 träumerei
08 Rising Hope
09 BRiGHT FLiGHT / L.Miranic
10 Rally Go Round
11 シルシ (shirushi)
12 No More Time Machine
13 Empty MERMAiD

「DiSC2:BONUS DiSC 『LiVE is Smile Always ~メガスピーカー~in幕張メッセ国際展示場』」 (LiVE is Smile Always ~ Mega speaker ~ in Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall)
01 ID
02 rapid life シンドローム (Rapid Life Syndrome)
03 crossing field
04 妄想コントローラー (mousou-controller)
05 say my nameの片想い (say my name kataomoi)
06 アコガレ望遠鏡 (Akogare Bouenkyou)
07 ギフトギフト (GiftGift)
08 リスキー (Risky)
10 L.Miranic
11 Empty MERMAiD
12 Rally Go Round
13 エレクトリリカル (Elect Lyrical)
15 Bad Sweet Trap
17 コズミックジェットコースター (Cosmic roller Coaster)
18 ROCK-mode
19 Rising Hope
20 シルシ (Shirushi)
21 Mr.Launcher
23 ジェットロケット (Jet Rocket)


With all these grand festivities for her fifth anniversary, 2016 is set to be a very exciting year for LiSA and her LiSAkkos!! 

Credits:  LiSA’s Official Website, LiSA’s Official Facebook PageLiSA’s Staff Twitter, LiSA’s Twitter

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