Original Soundtrack for Fire Emblem Fates releases 27th April in Japan!

Earlier this year, it was announced that the original soundtrack to Fire Emblem Fates would be released soon. As of writing, there are only seven days to the sale of the Fire Emblem Fates Original Soundtrack in Japan!

Sporting a grandoise 4-sided Digipak illustrated by the game’s character designer, Kozaki Yuuske, the OST album will contain over 14 hours of in-game music including the various types of theme songs sung by the freshly debuted Renka (who sang Aqua’s songs), additonal soundtracks from DLCs (downloaded content), and other bonus tracks from amiibo.

Some special songs listeners can expect include live recordings of the unique koto – violin duet played by Sakura and Elise which was only mentioned in-game. These songs are also bundled with bonus High Definition clips of introductory movies, movies of Aqua’s performances, and all three versions of the game’s opening movie.

Together with all of this will be a grand 24 page full colour booklet, which also contains the conversations of the composers who worked on the soundtrack (Morishita Hiroki, Baba Yasuhito, Kouda Masato, and Koudou Rei). An additional bonus gift of two lamé woven badges will also be thrown in while stocks last.

Below are details pertaining to the contents of the OST:

Date of Release: 27th April 2016 (Wed)
Price: 6,800 Yen (w/ tax)

Soundtrack Contents:

Disc 1: 13 BGM tracks          Disc 2: 21 BGM tracks

Disc 3: 21 BGM tracks         Disc 4: 24 BGM tracks

Disc 5: 19 BGM tracks        Disc 6: 17 BGM tracks

Disc 7: 19 BGM tracks        134 tracks in total

Data DVD Contents:

– In-game opening movies in HD:

  • – Opening movie (Kingdom of Hoshido ver, Kingdom of Nohr ver, Invisible Kingdom ver)
  • – Character movie (Comrades of Hoshido, Comrades of Nohr)
  • – Aqua Song Movie (White Songstress, Black Songstress)

– DLC and amiibo additional tracks

– My Castle visiting edition tracks

– Vocal tracks, and their instrumental versions

Product Details:

12cm CD x7 + Data DVD x1

4-sided Digipak + double book casing + 24 page booklet

Label: Symphony No.5
Copyright: ©2015 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS

The Fire Emblem if Original Soundtrack is currently available for order at Otomart.jp and Amazon.co.jp.

Source: Symphony-5.com
All Images ©2015 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS

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