Kenichi Suzumura’s ‘brand new’ single and jacket revealed!

Veteran seiyuu and singer-songwriter Kenichi Suzumura will return with a new single this May! Lantis has uploaded the short version of the music video online and has also revealed the cover art as well. The title of the single is literally ‘brand new’ and is set to be even more upbeat than his previous single, 月と太陽の歌 (Tsuki to Taiyou no Uta/Song of the Moon and Sun). 

brand new will consist of two songs. Aside from the titular track, it will also contain フランケンシュタイナー (ROM: Furankenshutaina). The single will also come with a DVD which will contain the music video for brand new. The cover art is as follows:


brand new is set to be an upbeat, pop-rock song – an almost 180 degree turn from Tsuki to Taiyou no Uta! While no preview has been given for フランケンシュタイナー  yet, we are definitely looking forward to hearing how it will sound like in the near future! The single will be out on 18 May 2016. 

With all the ‘woahs’ in the beginning of brand new, it seems like it will make for an interesting crowd song during the upcoming Manten Live in June! Suzumura will be holding his next Manten Live at the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theatre from 18-19 June 2016. We wish him all the best for his next concert!

SOURCE: Lantis

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