Tiger and Bunny Matching Rings Revealed!

In commemoration of 2014 anime film Tiger and Bunny: The Rising, matching rings themed after the eponymous protagonists have been revealed! The rings are produced through a collaboration between the Tiger and Bunny: The Rising production team at animation studio Sunrise, Japanese jeweler THE KISS and producer Bandai Namco Pictures.


The rings come in pairs, with their own stylish little boxes emblazoned with the Tiger and Bunny: The Rising logo which hold them closely together. Furthermore, the inside of the rings are engraved with iconic quotes from series protagonists Kotetsu T. ‘Wild Tiger’ Kaburagi (CV: Hiroaki Hirata) and his partner Barnaby ‘Bunny’ Brooks Jr. (CV: Masakazu Morita).

Kotetsu’s ring is engraved with an exclamation of ‘Bunny!‘ while Barnaby’s ring is engraved with his reply, ‘I know!‘ In the words of the designers, the rings are designed to revive scenes from Tiger and Bunny: The Rising especially with regard to the titular duo’s team dynamic. During the events of the movie (which is a sequel to the original 2011 anime set a year after its last episode) the pair had already developed a close bond with each other which shows in these rings that look an awful lot like engagement rings!


With their slender, chic designs, the rings can be matched easily with just about any outfit! They are made of sterling silver, with small cubic zirconium stones in fancy green and dark red set on them. They can be worn together on one finger to draw attention to your hands with their striking contrast in colors  or – for the fan with their own special partner – separately.


The rings are available for pre-order up until the 19th of April through official Bandai site, so take the chance now to snap them up before they run out! They sell at 21,600 JPY (tax inclusive), and should arrive in June 2016.

Source: Official Product Page

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