Strap In For Kappa’s New Evangelion Themed Golf Shoes !

Are you a big fan of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and do you coincidentally love playing golf? If yes, then you are in luck! Italian brand Kappa has designed 5 Evangelion themed golf shoes based of 3 of the 5 children EVA unit pilots and 1 EVA unit.

The design of the shoes will be based of the color schemes of Ayanami Rei, Asuka Langley and Kaworu Nagisa‘s plugsuits. Notable absences from the lineup of Children pilots include Toji Suzuhara and Mari Makinami who didn’t get shoes designed after them, while series protagonist Shinji Ikari’s shoe design was based off his Evangelion Unit’s color scheme instead of his plugsuit.

Tokyo-based sportswear chain Victoria has been accepting pre-orders for the golf shoes since 24th March. The shoes will be available in their stores from 7th April onwards. To promote the release, the Victoria store in Tokyo will start displaying life-size statues of the featured characters starting from April 2 as well.

Apart from color scheme, the shoes also boasts other Evangelion themed designs. These subtle designs include the printed EVA number of the respective child on the heel of each shoe as well as a NERV logo on the tongue of each shoe. Function-wise, the mid – soles are cushioned to allow smooth transition between varying terrains. The upper soles are fitted with “Guard Rubber” as well, to protect the user’s knees and reduce the probability of sliding.

Shoe Specifications : 

Price range :  12960yen (156 SGD with the inclusion of tax)

Size : 23.5 – 28.0cm

Material : Synthetic Leather

Sole : EVA Compression / Wear Resistant Rubber

Weight : 340g for the 27.0cm size shoe

Features : Auto light sole, bacteria and smell resistant and compatible with other laces

Made in China

(Buyers should also buy shoes that are 0.5cm larger than their foot size due to the shoe’s smaller foot circumference)

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab yourself a pair of Evangelion themed shoes before stocks run out!

Here’s a link to the official Victoria store if you are interested in purchasing the product

Translation credits : Kuuin

Sources : 





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