Magical Girl Raising Project’s teaser video has been streamed! Key staff members revealed!

Love the Hunger Games and the mahou shoujo genre in general? Perhaps you might have heard of the light novel series, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (ENG: Magical Girl Raising Project)! The light novel is set to have its own anime adaptation and its teaser trailer that introduces the main staff and key visual has just been released today!

Magical Girl Raising Project is written by Asari Endo with illustrations by Maruino. At the moment, the light novels are still ongoing with the first volume having been published in June 2012. .

The main plot follows that of a magical social network game whereby 1 in 10,000 players will have the opportunity to become a real magical girl. These girls are then able to use their magical powers and experience the joy of living out fulfilling days. However, trouble looms as the administration declares that there are just too many magical girls out there and that there is a need to reduce the population by half. This ends up creating a survival game between 16 existing magical girls.

The studio chosen to work on this anime project is Lerche. Previously, it has worked on anime such as Assassination Classroom, Dangan Ronpa: The Animation and School-Live!. Directing the anime is Hiroyuki Hashimoto who previously directed Is the Order a Rabbit? and Takao Yoshioka who is most famous for his work in the acclaimed Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (ENG: Your Lie In April) will be in-charge of screenplay. 

With a dark, edgy plot and two promising staff members helming the project, we are most definitely looking forward to seeing if the anime will remain faithful to the light novel series. At the moment, the voice cast has yet to be announced and no fixed broadcast date has been given save for the fact that the anime will air in 2016. Interested viewers can also feel free to read the staff comments on the official site with words of thanks from the author, Asari Endo and the anime staff members as well!

The comments are as follows:

Asari Endo (Original writer of the light novels):

Channeling all the energy from all the fans’ support, we managed to have the honor of having “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku” animated.

After working with all the enthusiastic staff members and brushing up on what we already had, we think that we’re on our way to creating something great.

As one of its viewers, I look forward to seeing the magical girls come to life on the television screen.

Maruino (Character Design and illustrator of the light novels):

I feel extremely happy as a fan and as the illustrator that this day – that I’ve been waiting for so long for – has finally arrived. To everyone involved in this, thank you.

Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Director):

Because it was quite unexpected to me that I’d end up directing a magical girl animation, when I joined the project’s discussion, I was shocked. I’m really excited to animate and show to the fans the adorable magical girls that Endo and Maruino have created – especially since it is a long running series. I shall do my best in the production, so please support us! Onee-chan MAGICOOL!

Takao Yoshioka (Screenplay):

Producing a whole TV series by adapting from one entire novel… That is a really luxurious job, now that I think about it. That is because it is bringing to life with our hands what is between the lines of the novel, and animating scenes formed by line after line of text, under the guidance of the author.

Showing on screen new sights, bringing out the beauty of characters – I will work together with the staff to bring out that novel interest as a part of the series.

Translations by Kuuin



Magical Girl Raising Project’s Official Website

Baka-Updates (Plot’s Blurb)

~Astrid and Kuuin



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