KISHOW Shows His Fans Around His Band’s Grand “RODEO DECADE”


A scene from GRANRODEO’s 10th anniversary live last year in 2015, titled “G10 ROCK☆SHOW -RODEO DECADE-“. From left: vocalist KISHOW and guitarist e-ZUKA

Some time back last month, we at J-Network reported on prolific rock duo GRANRODEO‘s plans to release their 24th single in their discography, “TRASH CANDY“, easily a feather in the cap of a successful, well-loved band who have just commemorated their 10th anniversary last year in 2015.

It’s been a grand decade indeed for Taniyama Kishou (“KISHOW“) and Masaaki Iizuka (“e-ZUKA“), whose fans will finally get to catch their rocking performances on DVD and Blu-ray in what is appropriately titled “GRANRODEO 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE 2015 G10 ROCK☆SHOW -RODEO DECADE-“. The DVD and Blu-ray will both be released on the 15th of June, 2016, later this year, at the price of 9,800 and 11,800 yen respectively.

rodeo decade

GRANRODEO is very active in the thriving Japanese rock and anisong scenes, having released on average two to three singles each year and performing twice or thrice each year as well. In their earlier 10th anniversary concert which was held in June 2015, the band has performed alongside guest appearances by other prominent artistes such as the five-member rock band FLOW (whose new album was just released last month), two-member rock band OLDCODEX comprising vocalist Suzuki Tatsuhisa and painter Yorke, and the ever-famed seiyuu-singer Mamoru Miyano – a certain enough testament to their prominence.

For those who may be new to GRANRODEO‘s music, the band is well-known for creating the opening and ending themes to countless of popular anime series such as Kuroko’s Basketball, Code:Breaker, Togainu no Chi and Bungō Stray Dogs, and has actually done a collaboration with FLOW in producing “7 -seven-“, the theme song to anime series “The Seven Deadly Sins“, two years ago. Their singles have placed top 10 in the Oricon charts regularly and their past two albums saw their sales reach 3rd place, and to add to that, lead vocalist KISHOW himself has topped a poll as the seiyuu-singer with the best singing ability.

This year is certainly not too late for newcomers and music lovers to experience the magic of a GRANRODEO live concert. Aside from this announcement, the duo has also revealed the dates for their live tour in 2016 titled “TREASURE CANDY“, ostensibly a reference to their new single. The concert will be held over a period of three months with its first performance on the 2nd of July and its final one on the 4th of September, across various venues such as DRUM LOGOS and Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, Sapporo and Nagoya!

literally, fans

Concert merchandise from GRANRODEO’s 10th anniversary live G10 ROCK☆SHOW -RODEO DECADE-


Fans and listeners, don’t forget to grab your copy of the band’s 10th anniversary concert DVD and Blu-ray in the comfort of your own homes now!

Sources: Announcements on Lantis and GRANRODEO‘s official websites
Information on GRANRODEO‘s LIVE TOUR 2016 “TREASURE CANDY” from here.

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