KanColle’s Spring ‘Kan-Matsuri’ Event Report

On 21st March, at Akihabara’s BELLESALLE, the KanColle Spring ‘Kan-Matsuri’ (Ship Festival) opened doors to the public as a one day event featuring various stage programmes, a closed theatre and various related merchandise stalls. Participating were some of the various voice actors of the Kantai Collection (KanColle)’s Kan-musu. Furthermore, the closed theatre event in particular let some fans on some undisclosed information on what is coming next for the series…

The surroundings of BELLESALLE Akihabara was already bustling with more than 300 admirals (so the fans of the game name themselves) as early as 5:30 in the morning, a testament to the series’ immense popularity.

Exhibition Area

To control the human traffic, numbered tickets were given out to those headed to the festival zones and the merchandise zones. As soon as this was over, the exhibition space opened its doors. Unfortunately, photography was strictly forbidden in the exhibition area but below are a list of  some of the new merchandise that was revealed:

– Bandai’s AGP Series’ Bismarck drei

– Goodsmile Company’s Armor Piercing Round Bottle Pouch

– Max Factory’s Takao

– Hobby Japan’s AMAKUNI series’ Libeccio

– Aoshima Bunka Kyouzai’s Graf Zeppelin

– SEGA Super Premium Figure’s Kaga ~ Cape Kaga Ver ~

– Promotion for Ichiban Kuji’s ‘KanColle 3rd Anniversary! Curry Festival!’

Special Closed Theatre

The theatre was a comparatively larger room which seated 480 people. During the first round of the closed theatre event, the voice actor of Akagi, Fujita Saki took to the stage as the MC. The voice actors who made their appearance were: Fujita Saki, Iguchi Yuka, Nomizu Iori, Touyama Nao, Uesaka Sumire, Hidaka Rina, and Tanibe Yumi. Announcing loudly, “Today will be girls’ talk!”, the voice actors began with some reflection on the 3rd anniversary, and discussed enthusiastically about ideas about a festival episode, and about what it would be like to go to a festival with Kan-musu. Addressing the questions in the event’s pamphlet, the voice actors’ performance was filled with strong personality.

Following, the voice actors went backstage save for Fujita Saki and Iguchi Yuka, both of which began the corner where the first episode was screen during which they began to reminisce about their work in the series.

There was an intriguing revelation of the thoughts the both of them underwent as they figured how to portray their characters. There was also a hint of humor amidst their otherwise serious discussion, where Iguchi would continually point out the scenes where they could see what was under Fubuki’s skirt.

Among other things, they addressed the various eccentricities of some characters and touched on the topic of how Mutsuki recently came to have the ending inflection “…nyashii” in her lines, how they felt about Kisaragi in the anime. Fujita mentioned the overly serious admiral in Yokosuka Naval Base, and shared many similar thoughts they had with many admirals.

Afterwards, there was a mini-live event featuring Touyama Nao as the four Kongou sisters in the song “Our Bond with the Admiral”, and Iguchi Yuka as Kaga in the song “Cape Kaga”. As this performance was unexpected, only four to five admirable admirals brought their glow sticks to wave to the beat. The performance also featured the use of Live2D technology which was also used portray moving characters in the PSVita game KanColle Kai.

When the live ended, Uesaka Sumire (Fubuki), Hidaka Rina (Mutsuki) and Tanibe Yumi (Yuudachi), went on stage to give an exclusive preview of the KanColle movie production manuscripts. While the materials shown were the same as those which came together as a goodie with the 6th volume of the anime, an enhanced version of the anime’s ending was projected in conjunction – which lasted for 4 minutes. Noteworthy appearances observed from the production scripts were designs of Suzuya, Kumano, Kinugasa who were either not animated or did not make an appearance at all (Kumano) in the first season of the anime. Among others displayed were Kachou, Hiryuu and Souryuu. Furthermore, there were indications that some Kan-musu who appeared in the 1st season would adopt the character design of their modified versions.

Next came short discussion between the three about the possibility that the team of three that remained together throughout the season, might be assigned separate teams, after which an unreleased two minute video of what looked like a trailer for the movie for KanColle was screened – followed by the announcement that the movie would be released in Autumn 2016, at the close of the closed theatre event.

Participants who previewed the closed theatre were given a special ‘Type-B Canteen Box‘:

The box contained:

1) KanColle Spring ‘Kan-Matsuri’ ‘Type-B Destroyer Reprinted Original Designs (containing 3 replica signatures of three voice actors)

(Featuring Akizuki, Teruzuki and Hatsuzuki)

2) KanColle Spring ‘Kan-Matsuri’ Ichigou (188.3ml) Measuring Container

3) KanColle Spring ‘Kan-Matsuri’ Event Pamphlet

On top of the high-in-demand sale of various KanColle novelty merchandise, there was a large advertising container placed near the area which promoted the arcade version of KanColle developed by SEGA, ‘KanColle Arcade’.

As KanColle’s very first open event, it provided much entertainment to fans and passers-by alike, allowing interested bystanders to enter the stage and exhibitions to enter freely when it was less crowded in the afternoon.

Source: kancolle.doorblog.jp
Photographs Courtesy of Kancolle.doorblog.jp
Featured Image © 2016 DMM.com POWERCHORD STUDIO / C2 / KADOKAWA All Rights Reserved.

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