Bushiroad Announces New Booster Set “Glorious Bravery Of Radiant Sword!”; Set For Release In June 2016!

Heads up Cardfight Vanguard! fans and Cardfighters alike! Bushiroad has announced that the next G booster Set, GBT-07 VG, “Glorious Bravery Of Radiant Sword!” will be released on 17th June 2016! Although the clans and cards that will be released have not been revealed by Bushiroad yet, the company has revealed details of the amount of cards that come in this set.

There will be 103 new cards that are featured in this booster set, along with 1 reprint card. The rarity of the cards will be as stated: 2 Generation rare cards (GR), 8 triple rare cards (RRR), 12 double rare cards (RR), 22 Rare cards (R), 60 Common cards (C) and 6 Promo cards (PR). As for extra bonuses that are included in the packs, there will be 12 Special Print cards (SP), 2 super generation rare cards (SGR) and 30 new Special Print Cards from the SP clan pack!




The amount of cards in each booster box and pack will be the same as its other counterparts. Each pack will contain 5 cards, with one card being at least Rare rarity (R) and above, and the other four being of common rarity (C). Two Promo cards (PR) will be issued in every booster box and each box contains 30 packs. In addition to these cards, cards from the second starter deck Taiyou No Keshi (太陽の騎士) will also be featured in this set. The second starter deck will be released on 22 April 2016 and will cost 500 Yen. (Starter decks are for new players!)


Cardfighters around the world should anticipate the release of this new set and mark 17th June 2016 on their calendars so that they can include the new cards featured in “Glorious Bravery Of Radiant Sword!” in their decks, and also power up their decks with the newest cards in this trading card game! More information will be given to all when Bushiroad releases the clans and cards that will be featured in this set so stay tuned!

Bushiroad Official Site

Cardfight Wiki




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